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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Sami: She tells Will to be wary of Arianna.

Justin: He spills about Hope signing the divorce papers.

Kate: She comes to the conclusion Chad is no EJ substitute.

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Vivian: Madam Alamain finds out Brady is hustling Nicole.

Melanie: She finds out about Chloe's affair and hauls off and slaps her! Later, Chloe tells Melanie that Carly helped with switching the DNA test.

Brady/Nicole: Nicole spies Brady at the pet cemetery and finds out Vivian is being held in Isabella's crypt! Brady spills everything to Nicole, who doesn't mind what the Kiriakis heir is up to. Unfortunately for Nicole, Brady's just using her for his own advantage.

EJ: The DiMera heir wakes up and starts to ask for Sami, who he thinks is his wife. Sami is still pissed with EJ, but plays along for the sake of not going to jail. She's also grateful for not having kiled EJ. Sami can't help but wonder if EJ is faking though . When Lexie checks on her brother, she tels Sami to keep up the act because experiencing anything traumatic could prove deadly.

Sami keeps up the false pretenses and is pulled into a kiss by EJ. Rafe sees it all and wonders what is going on. Sami keeps mum even when Rafe tells her he will back her play no matter what. Later, EJ speaks with Stefano and tells him he's just coning everyone and knows everything. EJ tells the Phoenix all he remembers is getting wasted and having the gun by his head and deduces he shot himself. Stefano vetoes this answer and tells him he feels like Sami did it. EJ is heartbroken because he still wants Sami.