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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Billy/Phyllis: They team up to take Skye down.

Adam/Skye: The spouses warn each other to be careful now that Heather is hot on their trails.

Skye: She winds up being played.

Cane: Mr. Ashby's past starts to catch up with him. A man named Blake from down under arrives in Genoa City. Cane continues to keep secrets from Lily.

Kevin/Jeff: They deal with a bookie after Gloworm starts to have money problems.

Jana: She decides to use Noah to get closer to Kevin.

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Nina/Cricket: The old friends meet up to hash out their issues. Cricket tells Nina to take her relationship slow with Ronan. Nina doesn't like Cricket sticking her nose into her business once again and lets her have it. Later, Cricket tricks Paul and Nina into meeting up at Crimson Lights to talk. Afterwards, Cricket leaves town in the wake of the mess she's created.

Ronan: He drags his heels on having a relationship with Nina.

Faith: The little girl's birthday party is a mess.

Adam: He begs Ashley and Sharon to forgive him. Later, Adam signs up to help out at the Genoa City Harvest Festival.

Abby/Victor/Victoria: The Black Knight visits Victoria and expresses how sorry he is that she lost the baby. Victor infuriates his daughter by denying any culpability. Things go from bad to worse when Victor tells Victoria now that she's lost the baby, she can divorce Billy. Victoria flips and kicks Victor out. Meanwhile, Abby shows up to speak with Victoria, but hides in the bushes when she spots her dad.

After he leaves, Abby tells Victoria all about their dear old dad dipping into their trust funds. Victoria decides to help Abby with her case against Victor. Later, the girls let Victor know they don't trust anything he does or says anymore. Victor tells his daughters if they decide to go up against him, it won't be pretty. Abby and Victoria soon discover how much they are exactly worth.

Meggie: The barmaid's plans start to unravel.

Diane: Ms. Jenkins returns to Genoa City looking an awful lot like Carly Tenney Snyder.