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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the day: Kimberly McCullough

At first, Robin thinks she’s dying and that’s why she’s being visited by Stone, but he assures that she isn’t. They talk about their history together and how their love was so strong. He wonders if they would have made it if he hadn’t died and tells her that she’s built him up in her imagination, but that she needs to let him go. She tells him that she loves her life, her career, her friends, her family and especially the daughter she never thought she’d have. He tells her that since she’s still hanging on to him, there’s a place in her heart that’s always out of reach of Patrick. Stone leaves and Robin looks determined to get out.

Lucky, Lulu and Dante continue to discuss the fact that he’s not Ronan, but an undercover cop, as Siobhan continues to listen from the closet. Ronan gets a call from his buddy Seamus and Lucky agrees to meet with him, but Lante think it’s dangerous, that this guy will recognize that Lucky isn’t Ronan and blow his cover. Lante decide to go with Lucky and they leave, but Lucky returns in time to catch Siobhan leaving. He chases her outside and she’s angry with him for playing her, going so far as to bring God into it. He tells her that the story was true, for him, and tells her about Niz. She hears him out, but then takes off, just in time for the local police to arrest him for the murder of the Balkan’s goons.

Lante, meanwhile, get lost on their way to the meeting and the car breaks down on them.

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Spinelli is unable to find anything in Lisa’s background to indicate that she’s taken Robin, which frustrates Patrick. Patrick insists that they must be missing something, but Spinelli asks him if finding Robin is more important to him than proving Lisa wrong.

Carly blows into Sam’s place, wondering if she’s heard from Jason. Sam tells her that Jason said he was coming home, but then decided to stay longer to help Brenda more. Carly says Brenda is manipulating Jason and wonders why Sam doesn’t wake up and fight for her man. Sam tells her that if she’s that concerned, then she should hop on a plane to Rome and stake her claim on Jason.

Molly shows up at Sam’s to discuss the fact that Sonny is dating Claire, how much she doesn’t like it and how much Kristina will hate it when she finds out. Sam essentially tells her that what Sonny does is his business, whether the girls like it or not.

Olivia leaves a phone message for Dante to call her when he’s back in town, which Johnny overhears. The two discuss the fact that they are dating, while her son and his ex are also dating. Johnny’s happy if Lulu’s happy and Olivia thinks the world of her as well.

Ethan and Maya show up at Johnny’s. Apparently, Ethan was looking for a place to entertain Maya, since his place is unacceptable. Olivia and Johnny head out, to give the couple some time alone. She asks him what matters to him and he admits that having the Spencers as his family means something.

Carly shows up at Spinelli’s to find him meditating. When the subject of Jason in Rome comes up, Spin drools over the idea of Brenda, which does not sit well with Carly. She brings it all back to Dante and how evil he is because Michael is suffering. She feels they need to step up the plan to frame Dante, but decides not to do anything while Dante is still Michael’s guardian. Once Michael’s parole is lifted, than all bets are off.

Patrick is surprised to find Lisa at the hospital, but she says Mac let her go because he had no evidence against her, despite having checked her car and apartment. Mac shows up and arrests Patrick for Robin’s disappearance.