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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda has a dream that Sonny gets shot and wakes up screaming on the plane to Port Charles. I am officially dubbing her The Drama Queen, because eesh already. Jason tells her to calm down. She starts going on about the plane crashing and them ending up on an island together, all because she doesn’t want to go back to PC. I get it She doesn’t want to go back. Now calm your freakin’ hormones or I’ll throw you out of that plane already.

Claire and Sonny are on the island and he pulls out a box with a dress in it. Seriously writers, is it supposed to be cute, or gag inducing, that he has the same MO for every woman he brings to that island? She says she doesn’t want to go to the casino, but would rather go fishing, which they do. When they return, he asks about where she grew up and she tells a story about a cousin who was killed, which is why she’s who she is. Then she gets a phone call about work, which is going to cut their vacation short. I’m curious what exactly she’s working on, since she came to town for the specific reason to take down Sonny and she’s recused herself from his case. So, what other federal prosecutorial type case could there possibly be in Port Charles?

Steven meets with Patrick at the PCPD, where he spent the night, and promises to look into any of Lisa’s cases to see if she has any property where she might have taken Robin. Lisa shows up with food and commiserates with Patrick about how awful Mac is being.

Robin’s still stuck in the well, talking to herself, or to Emma really, promising to get out. Her watch alarm goes off, indicating that she’s missing a round of her meds. By the end of the episode, she’s missed a second dose and seems to be giving up.

Spinelli is vacuuming the penthouse, when Molly shows up with flowers that were supposed to be delivered. Spin’s got his panties in a bunch, because Jason’s coming home and bringing Brenda with him.

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Dante and Lulu wake up in some cabin in the woods (conveniently placed, as all abandoned cabins are). They get supplies while trying to figure where they are and what to do with their broken down car. The more Lulu talks, the more Dante realizes that she misses being the adventurous girl.

Maxie brings Sam clothes so that she can dress like a human girl, rather than someone who’s always ready to head to a shoot out. Sam realizes that Maxie’s preoccupied, and Maxie tells her that Robin has disappeared. Later on, Sam’s talking on the phone to someone about Robin’s disappearance, so hopefully she’s getting her PI people into it.

Molly shows up at Sam’s and asks for an invitation to Jason’s, to meet the almighty Brenda Sam appears tired of the name already.

Brenda and Jason arrive home, only to have Spinelli slobber all over the divine one. He offers Brenda her room back, which she accepts, and she shows an interest in him, which has him in seventh heaven.

Michael shows up to talk to Jason and they discuss his trouble at school. Michael says Dante took care of it, and now the kids just seem afraid of him. Brenda comes down and is shocked at how big Michael is now. She brings up Jocelyn and Michael says how much fun the baby is, but when Brenda asks about Joce’s birthdate, Michael clams up and takes off. Jason explains the events that happened the day Jocelyn was born and says to be careful around Michael. Isn’t that something he should have told her before they got home?

Mac’s tearing a strip off of Patrick, believing that he and Lisa were in cahoots together to get rid of Robin. Lisa, tired of Mac’s railroading, leaves, and gets an attorney, who gets Patrick released.

At the hospital, Steven approaches Patrick and lets him know that one of Lisa’s patients has a cabin, and that he offered it to her for the weekend. I wonder why they are telling each other this, with the crazy nutbar standing mere feet away.

Sam shows up at the penthouse, to find Brenda parked on the couch.