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Knots Landing Times Buppies, Plus Soul Food, Divided by Reilly's DAYS Equals Anacostia!

UPDATE: To watch Season One of Anacostia click here.


Calling all folks who are sick and tired of begging Maria Arena Bell to start writing for the people who don't need Sony's free gift certificates to the nearest tanning salon on The Young and the Restless. Stop asking Ri Ri for scraps and turn on your laptop! Don't even sweat that General Hospital did all that PR for Maya Ward, only to end up not doing hot poop with her. Why scratch out your scalp over One Life to Live's Llanview becoming White-view, when there are plenty of diverse shows who want ALL our eyeballs online! One such show is the insanely-addictive urban soap opera Anacostia, which recently began its second season.

Set in a predominantly black neighborhood in our nation's capital, Anacostia is the story of best friends Sean (Anthony Anderson), a gay business owner, grieving over his "dead" lover;  Salina (Chante Bowser), a high-powered sistah, with just a smidge of drinking problem;  Mia (Tamieka Chavis), a verbally-abused, very desperate and very real housewife, who may or may not have had her monster of a husband killed last season, as well as their assorted friends, foes and neighborhood hoes, oh yeah and a returned-from-the-dead lover and serial killer or two!

Anderson, who also created the series, told me he was inspired in creating Anacostia by the primetime sudsers he grew up watching, like Knots Landing and Dallas. The sudsy, 10-episode, 20-minute raunchfest (One memorable scene in last season's showstopper finale saw Salina finding her husband Scott (Will Lash) banging another trick on a a party!) airs on a local DC-area Comcast channel and will be uploaded online every other weekend.  If you are a fan of classic, primetime sudsers, not to mention movies like Boomerang, Soul Food and Waiting to Exhale, Anacostia is for you. What do I always say? The revolution will be webivised! Watch the Season Two premiere below.

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Anacostia - Season 2 Episode 1 "Scar Tissue" from Anacostia The Web Series on Vimeo.