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DC Exclusive: Former GL, Y&R and DAYS Star Brody Hutzler Talks Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role and Going Gay For The Bay!

If you're in the Los Angeles area tonight, you'll definitely want to swing by the ACME Comedy Theatre (135 N. La Brea Ave) at 9 pm PST to catch multi-soap hunk Brody Hutzler doing a turn in ACME's Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role. I recently caught up with the easy going actor, who "angelically" romanced Michelle Bauer (Rebecca Budig) in Springfield, poured a mean cup o' Joe in Genoa City and helped a certain Fancy Face get over the loss of her son Zach in Salem.


Hutzler revealed how terrified he is about doing improv and how he hopes the rampant cancellation of daytime soaps has reached a state of "homeostasis". He also allowed me to attempt to pry some juicy dirt out of him regarding his upcoming gay turn in Gregori J. Martin's red-hot sudser The Bay. While Hutzler hasn't started filming as the soap opera's Kenneth Allen—a closeted gay man with political aspirations, who falls for a male nurse named Matthew (The Lair's Thor Knai, see below)—he says he is looking forward to playing out the story arc.

As for other soap gigs, would Hutzler relish the opportunity to return to Days of Our Lives in order to once again help Hope (Kristian Alfonso) through her latest ordeal. Now just whaddya you think?

Daytime Confidential: Are you excited to be appearing in ACME Comedy Theatre's Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role this Friday night?

Brody Hutzler: Yes, very...and scared to death.

DC: Have you swapped stories with any of your fellow sudser stars and alums about appearing with the hilarious comedy troupe?

BH: I haven't had a chance so I'm really in the dark on his one.

DC: Are you at all nervous about performing without a script?

BH: I am incredibly nervous and expect the worst night of my professional adult life.

DC: You've done three daytime soap operas, Guiding Light, The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. As an actor, what has it been like watching so many soaps get canceled in the last few years?

BH: It's very sad. I'm hoping that we'll see kind of homeostasis for a bit now.

DC:What do you think can be done to salvage the genre?

BH: If I had the answer to that I'd be running a network.

DCYou're returning to soaps soon, in Gregori J. Martin's heavily-buzzed about independent soap opera The Bay. I recently interviewed Martin, who told me your character, Kenneth will be gay and paired in a steamy romance with a male nurse named Matthew, played by Thor Knai. What can fans expect from Kenneth and his romance with Matthew?

BH: Honestly don't know much more about the character than anyone else at this point. I'm hoping for something a little different and interesting.

DC: Had you known Thor prior to being cast in The Bay?


BH: We met once briefly.

DC: Have the two of you had a chance to work together yet?

BH: We have not.

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DC: Soap fans have had it pretty rough in terms of gay couples getting a fair shot on daytime. Do you think Kenneth and Matthew's saga will appeal to disgruntled fans of One Life to Live's Kish pairing, and As The World Turns' Nuke?

BH: I sure hope so. It's unusual and hopefully the fans will appreciate that.

DC: During your last stint on daytime, you played Patrick Lockhart, the hunky bad boy who helped Hope (Kristian Alfonso) get over the death of her son Zach. Hope is once again in emotional distress, having recently embarked on a mugging spree, knocked up on sleeping pills, and is now in jail. Would you entertain the idea of bring Patrick back to Salem to provide Hope with a little TLA (Tender Loving Abs) again?

BH: I would always welcome that idea. It would be awesome.

DC: If you could speak directly to your fans, what would you say to convince them to come out to see you Friday night in ACME's Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role?

BH: If you want to see someone fall flat on their face, then this ones for you!

Not in SoCal? No sweat, watch Brody's performance at 9 pm PST, tonight online at!

Photo of Brody Hutzler by PR Photos

Photo of Thor Knai by Martin Ryter