Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Whip: He catches Nick and Amber kissing. Whip asks her how exactly she landed her job at Jackie M. so fast.

Hope: She makes a dumb move going to Steffy for help. Hope asks her step-sister to assist Liam with his next interview. Liam and the photographer show up for the interview, only to discover Steffy in lingerie.

Oliver: He tells Hope that he wants to start over again.

Taylor/Stephanie/Brooke: Ridge's speech causes Brooke to think twice about spilling the beans regarding Stephanie having cancer. Brooke fills Taylor in on La Forrester's diagnosis. Both women team up to strong arm Stephanine into getting help. Stephanie shoots Taylor down when she begs her ex-mom-in-law to get help. Stephanie chases down a homeless girl who stole her scarf. Stephanie catches up with her and finds out why the scarf has significance to her.