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Friday's OLTL Hears An Echo From The Past

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Kim Zimmer made her grand return to the soap opera world Friday as Echo DiSavoy on One Life to Live and if you blinked you missed it. La Zimmer was on screen for a total 10 seconds with no background story to reintroduce the character, leaving everyone who wasn’t watching the show 27 years ago a little confused. At least, that was the feeling in my case. I would have been a little less confused if the character’s name was mentioned in passing in the last week or two. That way, I could have had a chance to possibly research her. Also, I would have benefitted from One Life to Live promoting the return of an actress the caliber of Kim Zimmer.


If you weren’t involved in the soap opera community beyond watching on television, then you had no clue Kim Zimmer was going to show up on One Life to Live. I honestly don’t understand the lack of promotion for this actress. The show really missed a chance to get some of those old Guiding Light fans still watching soaps to come over to One Life to Live and see their starlet.

Nevertheless, Echo randomly appeared at Llanfair and quickly wrapped her arms around a very shocked Charlie (Brian Kerwin). She made a sassy remark about it being a long time since they had seen each other and that was it. The scene could have been a little better, if we saw Viki (Erika Slezak) standing in the doorway with shocked but concerned look on her face. From Echo and Charlie’s short meeting, all I can gather is that the two have some kind of sordid past and Echo appears to be a sneaky spitfire (Sound familiar anyone?). Hopefully, the storyline will play out well. I’m optimistic to see what kind of trouble Echo with stir up for Charlie and Viki. If we're Lucky , Echo will go toe-to-toe with Dorian (Robin Strasser). Only time will tell if Echo can make her noise from the past, heard in the future. Let me know your thoughts on Echo’s 10-second return in the comments.

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