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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sam and Brenda meet. Brenda is super nice and Sam feels the need to tell Brenda her entire life story, from the moment she came to town with Jax, to hooking up with Sonny and then Jason. Brenda questions why Jason hasn’t told her anything about anyone and he reminds her that talking is not what he does.

Lisa’s suspicious of Steven and Patrick and wants Patrick to go with her, but Steve pulls rank and gives her a long surgery, assigning Patrick to something else. Patrick leaves to find the cabin and Robin.

Claire and Sonny are on a plane back to Port Charles and decide to do the nasty right there. I’m forced to fast forward, because there’s only so much I can take.

Lulu and Dante discuss her sudden need to be adventure girl. She’s sad that she missed out on all the fun that Lucky had and she wants to live the Spencer experience that she never had. Seems that she’s always felt bad that her birth made Laura put down roots, which ultimately gave Luke the wanderlust, which eventually ended the marriage. Dante’s all for her having experiences, but doesn’t want her to compare herself to her mother, or their relationship to the infamous Luke and Laura.

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Dante takes off to check on the repairs of their car. The Interpol agent shows up, questioning Lulu about their reasons for being in Ireland and their curiousity about Ronan. When he turns his back, Lulu hits him with a fire poker. Dante comes back, checks his ID, and realizes that she hit an agent.

Maxie’s at Kelly’s discussing Robin and Spinelli with Mike, while waiting for Matt. Maxie assures Mike that Spin will always be obsessed with her, but Spinelli shows up, in his own little world and isn’t even aware of Maxie at first. Once she gets his attention, he tells her he’s been interested in some game where the main character is created from Brenda. Spin goes on ad nauseum about Brenda, making Maxie feel rather insecure.

Matt shows up and sees that Maxie is distracted by Spinelli’s obsession with Brenda. He wonders why she can’t be hung up on him and I wonder the same thing. Sam arrives and confides in Maxie that Brenda was super nice to her, but it made her feel insecure. Maxie tells her that she’ll hate Brenda, if that’s what Sam wants.

Lisa questions Epiphany about Patrick’s surgery, but Pif tells her that Patrick signed out already. Lisa calls the patient with the cabin and asks him if anyone else has talked to him. When she finds out that someone has, she bails on her surgery and takes off after Patrick.

Steven questions Pif about Lisa and Pif tells him the surgery is ongoing, but Lisa has already left. Steve leaves a message for Patrick that Lisa is on to him, but it’s too late.

Patrick finds the cabin and, eventually, finds Robin, who tells him how she remembers waking up in the cabin with Lisa and then falling into the well. Lisa shows up with a gun, ranting and raving that everything is Patrick’s fault because he made her love him and Robin is a horrible evil person. Personally, this should have been the cliffhanger ending, yet wasn’t.

Brenda insists on going to see Sonny and Jason lets her. Sam comes home and tells Jason that she’s not the type of person to compete with other women and thinks they should break up. Still trying to wrap my head around the logic there.

Sonny comes home to find Brenda in his living room. She tells him she’ll be staying in PC for awhile, but insists she’s not going to see him, ever. Well, except now.