Jillian's The Young and the Restless Spoilers!


Jeff/Kevin: Loverman requests for Kevin to run an errand for him and gets something extra for his troubles. Gloria starts to grill Jeff, but he evades her questions. Jeff and Kevin's shady dealings place Gloworm in serious danger, and must deal with a bookie to get them out of trouble.

The two join forces to tear apart Victor and Nikki.

Diane:  She stuns Jack and Phyllis with her return. Watch for viewers to gets a look at who she really is outside of the model she became years ago. Her arrival in Genoa City will also cause turmoil for Victor and Nikki.

Nick/Sharon: The two start getting closer due to Noah's need to assert his independence. Watch for Adam to be thrown in the mix.

Jack/Phyllis: Those crazy kids take a tumble between the sheets. Afterwards, Jack asks Phyllis to attend the Harvest Festival with him and to bring Summer along. Meanwhile, Nick bumps into Skye at the GCAC who informs him his timing is off for a visit. Nick ignores her and drops Summer off, running into Jack. Nick and Phyllis get into it when he tells Big Red she's confusing Summer by moving from one man to another.

Phyllis hits back, reminding Nick of his many romps with Sharon. The two call a truce and decide to put Summer's best interest ahead of their own. Later, Skye runs into Jack and Phyllis and attempts to take their picture. Phyllis tells Skye to get the hell out of her face. Adam steps in and grabs Phyllis' arm. Nick sees this and yells at Adam to remove his hands.

Billy/Victoria: Abby's lawsuit against Victor will bring chaos into Billy and Victoria's marriage.

Meggie/Murphy: The barmaid-turned-personal assistant heads over to Kay's to deliver a package. When Murphy spots Meggie he freaks and passes out. Meggie is scared her secrets will be unraveled and goes all out to keep them safe and decides to leave town (HALLELUJAH!)

Kay: She finds Murphy passes out and has to make tough decisions. Meanwhile, Tucker decides he needs to be there for his mother.The grand dame has to make a tough choice when Murphy's life hangs in the balance.

Chloe/Kevin/Jana: Kevin invites Chloe out on a date. At first Chloe almost shoots him down, due to her memories of Chance, but she agrees. Jana finds out the pair will attend the festival together and asks Noah to be her date. Jana decides to show the world her Chloe-like makeover at the festival, which freaks the fashionista out. Jana spies Kevin and Chloe hugging and decides to flirt like crazy with Noah. Kevin is a bit weirded out by Jana's new attitude, while she remains clueless on Kev hiding his true feelings.

JT: He quits McCall Industries.

When he leans on Jill it causes confusion.

Cane/Lily: He has a chat with JT and decides to take Lily and the twins on vacation to the countryside. Cane continues to keep secrets from Lily. Later, Cane hears sounds outside the cabin and comes face-to-face with an old acquantance, Blake. Blake reveals to Cane he's now a cop and he's on patrol. Meanwhile, Lily discovers the DVD that was sent to the house and wants answers from her husband. Cane spills all and he and Lily must protect their family.