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Jillian's Days of Our Lives Spoilers!


Fancy Face assists a new inmate with an attack of appendicitis.

Will: He is amazed how far Rafe will go to protect Sami.

Bo: He finds out little Ciara is being harassed at school due to Hope's misdeeds.

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EJ/Kate: The two talk about Kate's loyalties.

EJ/Sami: Roman grills EJ on the night of his shooting. The legal eagle claims he doesn't remember what took place since he knows the police, especially the Bradys, will protect Sami and he still loves her. EJ starts to realize Sami was involved and tries to get her to confess when she visits with him.

Melanie: She eavesdrops on Nathan and Stephanie talking about Chloe cheating on Daniel. Mel is still clueless Chloe did the deed with Philip, but nevertheless is still appalled by her future stepmom's behavior. Chloe and Daniel are completing the details of their wedding when Melanie calls to inform her dad about his soon-to-be wife. Melanie backs out but talks with Nathan about Chloe's secret and is pissed he kept it from her.

Later, Mel comes face-to-face with Chloe and the two get into a huge fight and come to blows. Chloe brushes off Melanie's accusations, but she finally breaks down and confesses, leaving out she was with Philip. Chloe begs Melanie to keep quiet. The feisty redhead declares she will snitch to Daniel. Melanie wonders if Chloe's baby is really her father's. The songbird admits she had a paternity test and it came back as Daniel's. Chloe also mentions Carly has been in on her secret