One Life to Live Spoilers!


A psychopath, a kiss, and shoot-out turn things upside down in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for some juicy spoilers for the week of October 4th.

Starr/Cole/James/Hannah: James tells Starr about Dani's whereabouts and she spills the beans to Cole. Cole can't believe Starr would do something like this and storms off. Cole ends up visiting Hannah and the two end up kissing. He quickly realizes that he loves Starr, leaving Hannah very unhappy. Meanwhile. James tells Ford he is hiding Dani for Nate. James pleads with his brother not to tell Brody what he's done. Starr tells Cole that Dani is with James. Later on, Starr comes upon a bloody Eli waiting for her at the apartment. Will Eli try to harm Starr?

Blair/Todd/Ross/Dani/Eli: Todd tells Blair that he got a call from Tea. Blair doesn't believe him and convinces him that it's just his mind playing tricks on him. Soon after, Ross arrives to take Dani to Tahiti but she is nowhere to be found. Todd, Ross, and Nate quickly go to the police station and inform Brody of Dani's disappearance. Brody gets everyone's story and sets out to find Dani. Todd and Ross almost have a fistfight but it is broken up. Ross goes to look for Dani while John tells Todd that Eli is alive. In turn, Todd tells Blair, Kelly, and Dorian about Eli.

While at the docks, Ross runs into Eli. Eli informs Ross that Dani was an important pawn in his plan. Ross can't believe his ears as Eli pulls out a gun and shoots him. Eli proceeds to dump his brother’s body in the river. Before Eli can get away, Todd shows up with a gun. The two have a shoot-out and Todd shoots Eli. However, Todd only wounds Eli and he gets away. Dani shows up at the docks just in time to see Todd pulling Ross out of the water. Todd immediately tells Dani that he didn't shoot Ross but Eli did. Dani doesn't believe Todd and runs away. John shows up and Todd fills him in on what happened. To Todd's surprise, John believes his story. Dani shows up at Starr's apartment and finds herself at the mercy of Eli. Will Dani escape Eli's clutches unharmed?

John/Greg/Destiny/Shaun: John finds Greg at the death's door due to Eli injecting him with the needle. John gets Greg to the hospital and is soon back on the case. John figures out that Eli is alive. A nurse answers Greg’s phone and informs Shaun of Greg’s condition. Shaun tells the Evans family and they rush to his side. Destiny takes the news pretty hard and breaks down in Darren's arms. As Greg recovers, John informs Mrs. Evans about Greg's involvement with Eli. Much later, Greg opens his eyes and manages to say one word. What does Greg say?

Charlie/Viki/Echo: Charlie and Viki are floored by Echo's surprise visit to Llanfair. Right off the bat, Viki is very suspicious of Echo's motives for being there. Charlie ends up asking Echo why she's in town. Echo quickly lets him know she just wanted to see him and has no ulterior motives where Viki is concerned. A little later, Viki gets Echo to confess that she indeed does have an agenda that led her to Llanview. She tells Viki that she was searching for a job as a photographer and hoped Viki would hire her at The Banner. What does Echo have up her sleeve for Charlie and Viki?

Jessica/Brody/Ford: After a visit to the doctor, Jessica learns her blood pressure is through the roof due to stress. The doctor puts Jessica on bed rest. Brody finds out and informs Ford of Jessica's condition. Brody wants Ford's word that he will stay away from Jessica. Brody's attitude with Ford is enough for Ford to purposely not tell Brody about Dani's whereabouts. Later on, Brody tells Natalie about his visits with Marty to help him cope with the stress of the pregnancy situation. Meanwhile, Marty tries her hardest to figure out what Brody's secret is. How much longer will Brody and Natalie be able to keep their secret from everyone?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week(October 11th):

  • Starr, Hope and Dani are kidnapped
  • Hannah has a secret
  • Tea and Dani come face to face
  • Inez stands Clint up
  • Viki has Rex investigate Echo
  • Eli asks Todd for a huge ransom