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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Patrick basically wants all of his problems to go away and wants Robin to forgive and forget, since he really does love her and doesn’t want his marriage and nice family to break up. I say he should have thought of all that before he went sniffing after crazy Lisa. Robin, on the other hand, is not in a forgiving mood. She believes that he can’t be faithful, feels that they don’t make each other happy, that she can’t trust him and that she will always wonder if, when he says he’s working late, if he really is. She doesn’t want Emma to deal with her family falling apart.

Patrick confides in Matt that Robin wants a divorce, while Robin commiserates with Mac. Robin says Patrick broke her heart and the marriage. Mac tells her that she has his support, whether she divorces Patrick or stays with him.

Michael goes over the girl issue with Jason, who’s not happy with what Michael is asking him. When Michael leaves, Sam confronts Jason and tells him she has a friend who is a stripper who might be able to help. Jason’s not happy with that either and wants Michael to take things slowly, but Sam claims that if she doesn’t help, things will be worse between Michael and his new female friend.

Lulu questions how Dante knows about the Balkan and he claims he came across the case a few years ago. Later on, Dante is awakened from a nightmare about a woman screaming. I swear, if they tell me that Dante somehow knows Brenda, who’s spent the past several years in Europe, I’m going to have to hurt someone.

Sonny claims all the obstacles in their way are now gone and he and Brenda should try again. I don’t remember her reminding him that he’s still a misogynistic mobster, but I may have snoozed through that. He swears they’ll get it right this time, but after some waterworks, she takes off.

Brenda goes back to the penthouse to whine on Jason’s shoulder about how she apparently has no self-control, but he doesn't really give a crap, since he has bigger issues, with Michael, to deal with. But since it’s all about her, she plays the friend card and asks him, as her friend, to keep her from blowing her life apart. She says that she needs to go back to Rome before she destroys it. Oy, sometimes she’s like my two-year-old in full tantrum mode.

Suzanne shows up at the restaurant looking for Jason and puts the fear of God in Max and Milo.

Funny line of the day:

Suzanne to Max: "If you don’t find Jason, you’ll be wearing your balls for earrings.”

Ok, who wants to see Suzanne, Diane, Alexis and Kate in a scene together?!

Michael meets Sam at the hotel (Really Sam, his mother’s hotel? It was the Metrocourt, wasn’t it?) and tells him about her friend Candy. Candy arrives and starts to make small talk with Michael, who is very clearly uncomfortable about the whole thing. She puts on music. They start to dance and kiss, but Michael gets angry and shoves her onto the bed.

Jason meets with Suzanne, who tells him that the Balkan is continuing his search for Brenda, and that she fears he may be coming to PC. This is fine with Jason, who wants to take him on his own turf. Sam shows up at the restaurant to tell Jason how her wonderful plan to seduce Michael is coming along. She's not happy with Suzanne, giving me the line of the day, which is one of the few times that I’ve agreed with Sam about anything.

Line of the day:

Sam to Suzanne: Why is it that you’re not taking care of Brenda?

Claire shows up at Sonny’s ready to continue their tropical paradise, only to have him tell her that Brenda is back in town and he wants a relationship with her. He tells Claire that he can’t continue to see her while he’s preoccupied with Brenda and thanks her for the great times they’ve had. Claire blows it off and claims she’s fine with the whole thing.

Claire goes back to her office and gets upset. She calls her superiors and tells them that she’s back onto the Sonny investigation and that she might have a way to put him away for good. I must say, I felt really bad for her as she crouched down by her desk, rocking back and forth and crying. Kudos to Dahlia Salem for that scene.