General Hospital:Perkie's Observations



Jason questions Sam and informs her that he’s not letting her walk away. Sam doesn’t blame Brenda. She admits that they got along. Jason tells her that he loves her and asks her to move in, but she’s happy with things as they are.

Brenda insists to Sonny that she’s in town for her safety and wants nothing to do with him. She’s planning on going back to Rome when the Balkan threat is over and says that she plans on avoiding him at all costs. Sonny wonders why they can’t at least be friends, but she claims she doesn’t want friendship. He says he wants to try again, but Brenda claims they always find a way to hurt each other. Diane shows up and, like everyone, is smitten with the almighty Brenda Barrett, but Sonny asks her to leave so he and Brenda can finish their conversation.

Dante’s upset that Lulu smacked the Interpol agent, but she says she didn’t know who he was. Lulu tries to convince Dante to take off, but Dante doesn’t want to leave the agent there unconscious. The agent comes to and is upset with them for messing up the investigation, but Lulu argues that they dumped Lucky into a dangerous situation without back up. The agent sends them home. While on the plane, Lulu pulls out magazines for work and one falls open, revealing a picture of Brenda, which Dante sees and reacts to.

Lisa blames Patrick for all of her problems, how he led her on and she can’t take it anymore. She puts the gun to her head, but Patrick deflects the gun as it goes off. Mac arrives. Apparently Patrick called him on the way. Mac arrests Lisa and intends to send her to Shadybrook. Lisa insists to Patrick that she never tried to hurt Emma because she’s a part of Patrick, and asks if he’ll come to visit her.

Molly goes to see Michael, to tell him that Sonny is dating Claire and how much Kristina will hate it. Michael seems fine with it. He doesn’t blame Claire for sending him to prison and figures Sonny is lonely and needs companionship.

Kristina’s friend Allie runs into Michael at Kelly’s and they small talk, until Allie admits that she asked Kristina to set them up. She asks Michael to a party she’s throwing and he agrees, despite looking uncomfortable about it.

Alexis runs into Claire at the courthouse and Claire tells her about the island vacation with Sonny. Alexis tries to warn Claire again, reminding her that Sonny is a charming guy that doesn’t want to be saved. Claire insists that their relationship is different.

Diane runs into Alexis, who tells her she just saw Brenda at Sonny’s and fears that Claire will be ticked when she finds out.

Robin’s being treated in the hospital. She asks Maya what the staff know and tells her the truth about Lisa. Patrick shows up and Robin tells him about seeing Stone in the well. Patrick insists that he loves her and doesn’t understand why he cheated on her. Robin says love wasn’t’ enough to keep him from cheating on her and she’s not sure if it enough to keep their marriage together.

Michael shows up at Jason's and tells him about Allie’s invitation. Michael decides that one date with Allie will eventually lead to sex and he doesn’t want to not know what he’s doing. Michael asks Jason to get him a girl to have sex with.