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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sam confronts Suzanne, who holds her own and asks why Sam isn’t more concerned by the fact that Jason was on the next plane to Rome the minute he heard Brenda was in trouble. Suzanne proclaims the virtues of Brenda, and how she brings publicity to issues, which then leads to donations. She doesn’t feel that Brenda should die at the hands of the Balkan just because Sam doesn’t want to share her boyfriend.

Michael shoves Candy onto the bed and then apologizes for hurting her. She says he didn’t hurt her and that she was moving too fast for him. She says she understands Michael, because she had a jumpy boyfriend fresh out of prison. She offers to try again, but Michael isn’t interested.

Sam gets the call from Candy and takes off to see Michael. She assures him that she spoke with Candy and everything is fine, but he says she can’t understand and storms off.

On the flight home, Lulu questions Dante’s nightmare, but he blows it off. He tries to distract her by getting flirty with her, which works. The minute they get home, Maxie’s knocking on the door, demanding to speak with Lulu alone. Dante heads out and Maxie tells Lulu that she’s determined to get Brenda for a Crimson cover and needs Lulu’s help.

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Brook and Nik are at Jake’s, celebrating their successful trip to France. He tells her with the holidays coming up, he has other social events and commitments and wonders if she’s willing to be his escort. Brook’s not thrilled about the word escort, but Nikolas assures her that she’d be more of an assistant to him, getting paid while working on her music.

Olivia flounces into Jake's, stood up by Johnny, and is joined by Steven. Steven explains the crazy that was Lisa and how he wanted to save her. The two are enjoying each other’s company, but Kate, who was sitting at the bar with Coleman, gets her panties in a bunch for some strange reason, and confronts Olivia. The two go at it, and Steven is forced to get between them. Dante arrives at that moment and, in one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while, also gets between the women. Then it just looked like Steve and Dante were dancing with each other between the two Falconeri women.

The women go to their corners. Kate is with Coleman and Olivia is thrilled to see Dante. Brook decides to sing a song, in Italian, I think, and essentially flirts with Coleman and Steve before finishing the song as a serenade to Nikolas. Dante goes home to Lulu with fries and loving on his mind.

Mac tells Robin that divorce is difficult and reminds her of his break up with Felicia. Robin starts back pedalling and blames her trip to Africa for Patrick’s wayward ways. She says she always thought cheating would be the deal breaker, but now isn’t so sure she should be rushing into divorce.

Patrick blames himself and tells Matt he’s going to do everything it takes to get his wife and family back, including counselling. Matt tells him he can’t force Robin’s trust and needs to understand why he cheated on her.

Mac shows up and tells Patrick that he will support any decision that Robin makes, but that he wants Patrick to give her some space. Patrick goes to Robin’s room, but stops before going in, and watches as she lies there.

The subject of Michael comes up between Suzanne and Jason. He tells her how he failed Micheal and she commiserates about the child labour she’s witnessed. After Jason leaves, Suzanne chit chats with Milo and Max, who seems quite taken by her, until Diane shows up. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I said I wanted a Suzanne/Diane scene?! The two go at each other, not happy with what the other represents. Diane mentions Sonny, and Suzanne is adamant that Sonny stay away from the precious Brenda.

Jason finds Michael waiting for him. Michael tells him the details of what happened and says that he feels he’s not normal and never will be. Jason tells him that he’s a survivor and not to give up on himself.