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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Dressed as a priest, Luke shows up to help get Lucky out of prison. I must say, I squealed a little at seeing him show up and at Lucky’s reaction to his father, dressed like a Father. Although was it just me, or did Lucky get a haircut and dye job while he was in prison, because it looked cleaner and shorter than before? And, was it deliberate that Luke’s accent kept switching from fake Irish to fake I don’t know what?! Eventually, the guard releases Lucky anyway, due to help from Interpol.

Back at his apartment, Luke questions why Lucky is in Ireland in the first place. Lucky tells him he was feeling cooped up in PC, so when this opportunity arrived, he took it. Luke tells him that he’s heard of the Balkan (apparently, everyone has) and that he’s bad news, which Lucky already knows. Luke wants to help him, but two police officers arrive to arrest him.

Maxie’s trying to convince Jax to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson, and he’s still refusing. He’s shocked when she tells him that Brenda’s back in town.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s restaurant and lets him know that he’s been assigned Lucky’s cases while he’s gone, including the car bomb one. Sonny passes the buck onto the Lopez brothers, but Dante tells him that the brothers were cleared and the finger is back to pointing at Sonny. Sonny gets upset that Dante’s doing his job and throws the Michael debacle in his face. He tells Dante to appreciate the truce that between Sonny and Johnny, and to leave everything alone.

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Robin’s leaving the hospital when Brenda shows up and the two are thrilled to see each other. Robin tells her about Lisa and Patrick and how she’s sad and confused. She admits that she shut Patrick out, which Brenda reminds her is not a reason to cheat. Brenda tells her about the threats against her and how Jason is helping with her security. She tells Robin that she saw Sonny and Robin advocates for them to get back together, since their lives are different now.

Tracy and Ethan are discussing the profits they’re making at The Star, but Ethan reminds her that she misses Luke and she says he’ll be arrested as soon as he sets foot in PC for stealing her money. Tracy also doesn’t understand why Ethan is risking his life working for Johnny. Johnny shows up, asking to speak with Ethan and, despite leaving them, Tracy isn’t happy.

Carly goes to Jax to let him know that Michael called in sick to school and Dante was unreachable. Carly goes to the apartment to talk to Michael. He tells her about the party and how he’s worried about going and someone messing with him. She brings up the idea of a therapist, which he refuses. At this point, I think she should have put her mom hat on and insisted, but this is Carly after all. She tells him he can’t shut down like his father and stay home and mope all day, and offers to drive him to school.

Carly comes back to the apartment to talk to Dante and questions why the school wasn’t able to reach him by phone. He admits that he had it turned off because he’s been busy with work, since he and Lulu were in Ireland for a couple of days. She tells him that he should have told her he was out of town, so that Michael could have stayed with her and not by himself. She reminds him that being in charge of someone is a full time job and she’s willing to petition the court to make her guardian, but he dismisses that and promises to help Michael.

Jax pops by Sonny’s to tell him to back off Brenda, but Sonny tells him he’s already seen Brenda and that Jax should go home and worry about his own wife.

Brenda speaks to Suzanne, who tells her that the Balkan destroyed everything and Brenda realizes that she no longer has a life in Rome. Brenda heads out to see Jax, who’s face lights up when he sees her. Good thing Carly didn’t witness that.

Robin pops by to see Sonny, who thinks she’s there to warn him off of Brenda. Instead, she tells him that they’ve both changed, that he’s now on meds for his bipolar disorder and that Brenda has grown up and is stronger and she thinks they have a chance.