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Valentini and Carlivati Talk New Multi-Year Deals and Future of OLTL

TV Guide's Michael Logan has a new joint interview up with One Life to Live's show runner and  head writer—Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati respectively (seen above with Tuc Watkins)—who dish about their new, multi-year contracts and their plans for Llanview.


TV Guide Magazine: Don't soaps need to become less simplistic and more mature if they are to succeed with the modern audience? We daytime viewers don't live in a bubble. We also watch the great shows in primetime. We know good writing from bad. We know fresh and bold from been-there-done-that. But those who make the soaps today don't always give us credit for being sophisticated and discriminating.

Carlivati: We certainly want to acknowledge what's going on in other forms of entertainment but at the same time the danger is trying to turn our shows into something they're not, something they shouldn't be. We shouldn't be imitating movies, or other TV shows, or what we see on the internet, because at heart OLTL is a soap opera and that's a form that is unique and special and has its own rules. That's the trick and the balance for us, to keep it soapy — and I don't consider that to be a dirty word. It's what our fans truly do want.

Valentini: Also, we can portray moments you can't do on Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives because we have the luxury of more time and more characters and greater ability to play the nuances.

For more of Logan's chat with Gotham's lone soapers click here.

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