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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Brenda and Sonny or Brenda and Jax? Where do your loyalties lie? Jax promises to never see Brenda again, if Carly makes a promise of her own. Can Jax stick to his promise when Robin asks him to stay out of the way of Brenda and Sonny’s reunion? Nope! He feels it’s his duty to protect Brenda from what surely is a bad situation. Brenda stands firm on wanting to stay clear of Sonny and not being together. Will Sonny let his love get what she wants?

Robin calls Jax out… on still wanting to be with Brenda despite declaring his devotion to his wife. Carly tells Jason there is no way she will let Brenda have Jax. What will happen when Brenda asks Jax to help her stay away from Sonny?

There is always a secret… so what’s Brenda’s about the Balkan and what is Dante’s about Brenda? Will Brenda spill the beans when Jason and Suzanne pressure her to tell them about the Balkan? SPOILER has it; Brenda is admitting something to Spinelli.

Speaking of Spinelli… Maxie thinks he needs a Brenda size intervention. Certain that her former non-husband is setting himself up for yet another broken heart, Maxie realizes she must handle this herself. Too bad for Maxie, Brenda interrupts and plants a smooch on Spinelli’s cheek.

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Robin and Patrick are on the rocks… and Dr. Drake forgets all about his wife’s birthday until a gift he ordered arrives. Uncle Mac doesn’t forget and throws a surprise party for Robin when she returns from the hospital.

Here’s a surprise for Robin… Shadybrook releases Lisa! They say she’s sane and let her return to GH! Of course, she isn’t and continues to mess with Robin, who is having a hard time keeping her cool. Maxie and Maya both tell Dr. Scorpio to keep her head in check and not let Dr. Niles get the better of her. Is Lisa messing with Robin’s patients?

Diane was right… There is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Claire may have removed herself from being able to prosecute Sonny, but she’s going to be breathing down his neck. When Claire finds Michael in his father’s office, she threatens sending him back to Pentonville on a parole violation. Will Claire use Michael as a way to get Jason to agree to testify against Sonny? Carly thinks Sonny needs to stay with Claire to protect Michael. Is Carly working a plan?

Mayor Floyd is making threats… against Dante. He doesn’t like Dante talking to Jason and questions his “allegiance” to Sonny. Floyd tells Dante is badge is on the line.

Lucky and Siobhan… Luke Kerr loves Siobhan and asked me if she’s sticking around. I had heard that at some point she will be PC bound. Siobhan plants a kiss on Lucky and then punches him. The Balkan wants Lucky to kidnap Brenda Barrett. Lucky saves Siobhan’s behind, claiming she’s his partner and he takes her to Rome with him where as Ronan, Lucky is hurt. As Siobhan nurses Lucky, they become closer. Will the Balkan have more orders for Lucky regarding Siobhan?

Luke’s back in town! And he wants to reunite with Tracy. She has conditions though, pay back the $10 million, plus interest. Can Ethan help these two out? SPOILERS say Luke collapses in front of Tracy.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Liz is back too and has questions about her relationship with Nikolas and his with Brook’s. Carly takes pleasure in telling Claire that Brenda ditched Sonny. Why is Carly kissing Jason? Better yet, why is Sam refusing to sleep with Jason? And why in God’s name is there a SPOILER about Jason and Carly possibly sleeping together? Brenda and Dante meet. Dante tells her he’s investigating his dad’s involvement in a car bomb. Brenda assures him that Sonny is innocent. Everyone is stunned to see Lisa back at GH. Patrick is determined to fight for his family. Liz and Nikolas decide to be co-parents. Ethan gets roughed up by Johnny’s men. Are they really working for Johnny? He lent out some of his guys to a local gang who are working for the Balkan.