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The Cavanaughs Fall Finale Saves The Best for Last

The Cavanaughs, the quirky web drama about a group of friends who come together to transform a play they worked on together into a television sitcom pilot, debuted its fall finale this week. In this installment, sensitive scribe Bryan (Adrian Morales) assembles the cast and crew for a table read, as several of the soap's plot threads reach a turning point.

Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips) receives a call from her mom, who's still upset with Charley regarding her decision to run out on her groom  and come out as a lesbian. Phillips has really started to gel in the role of Charley. Using only a cell phone as a prop, the talented, young actress managed to convey the butterflies of someone attempting to stand up to her parents—on her own terms— while still respecting them.

Meanwhile Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) takes a leap of faith, as Scott (Daniel Rhyder) and Bryan finally discuss their kiss  from a few episodes back. I can't wait to see how Bryan reacts when he learns Scott is crushing on Mark (Grant Landry), who is continuing his flirtation with Sarah! It isn't all unrequited love and table reads in this eppy, however. Bryan is faced with a major decision regarding his best friend Maddie (Cwennen Corral). Will he choose success over friendship?

I honestly can't decide which scene in the eppy I liked most, the sequences where Noreen Cavanaugh (Gnger Snappz) makes her slow transformation to divadom, or the 70's style disco that ends the episode.This is by far the best episode of The Cavanaughs.

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