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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke’s in trouble, but when he asks Lucky to vouch for him, he denies knowing Father Luke, so the police take him away. Lucky calls Tracy and tells her that Luke is in trouble and while she hesitates at first, she ends up saying she’s not interested and doesn’t care what Luke has gotten himself into. Lucky pays Luke a visit in prison, and lets him know that he can’t help him, because it will blow his cover, but that he’s called Tracy. He tells Luke about Siobhan and how he needs to find her to convince her not to spill the beans about his true identity. Luke tells him to pour on the romance.

Robin and Sonny continue to discuss Brenda and at first Sonny’s willing to accept that she’s with Murphy, but Robin sees through that. Sonny decides that maybe they’ve changed enough to get it right this time and Robin tells him to change Brenda’s mind to his way of thinking.

Carly walks in on Brenda and Jax hugging and is not happy about it. She wonders why Brenda is in town, and angrily stomps out. Brenda and Jax catch up, he talks about Josselyn. She claims to love everything about her life now, and essentially thanks him for dumping her all those years ago. She discusses her charity with him and he tells her that he feels now that she’s in PC, that she might be vulnerable to outside influences, namely Sonny. She assures him that once the threat against her is over, she’s not planning on staying in Port Charles.

Jason’s not happy that Spinelli’s running errands for Brenda, instead of working on the Balkan, but Spin’s too caught up in his obsession to care. Spinelli runs into Sam on the docks and basically asks her to talk to Jason about being mean to Brenda and how Jason should be more aware of her comfort. Sam reminds Spinelli that Jason is taking care of Brenda’s security and not to expect more from him.

Carly flies into Jason’s penthouse, angry that he brought Brenda to PC. He tells her that Brenda was in trouble and it’s easier for him to deal with the threat on his own turf. Carly’s ranting about how Brenda’s being back is ruining everything and when Jason presses her, says she saw Brenda hugging Jax and fears that Jax has fallen back in love with her. I say, Carly, tone it down a notch.

Dante goes to Lulu, tells her about his encounter with Carly, that she wants to petition the judge to get Michael, but that he still feels that Michael is better off with him. He tells Lulu that he’s been reassigned to the car bombing case, and feels that Sonny is guilty and worries about how that will affect Michael. He brings up the conflict of interest that so many fans have been questioning and Lulu clearly becomes the voice of the writers as she tells him that since he’s a cop in the town where daddy is the head mobster, than there will always be conflict and nothing can be done about it. She tells him the law should be respected and he decides he’ll work the case.

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Tracy pays Lulu a visit to let her know that Luke’s in an Irish jail cell, and Lulu tells her point blank to go chase after him, since it’s clearly what Tracy wants.

Maxie runs into Spinelli while he’s out running errands for Brenda and he waxes poetic about all things divine one. Maxie claims that it sounds like he’s in love with her, but he denies that but goes on and on. After he leaves, a jealous Maxie pulls out the Crimson photo of Brenda and tears it up. At this point, is there anyone in town who’s imune to Brenda?

Lucky meets with Siobhan in his appartment. She’s angry, apparently because he duped her into beleiving he was Ronan. He says he used her at first but that he now feels a connection between them and genuinely likes her. She blows him off and tries to leave, but he grabs her and pulls her in for a kiss. I felt there wasn’t a lot of heat in it, but more because it looked awkward.

Sam returns the dresses to Crimson and she and Lulu discuss, you guessed it, the almighty Brenda and how she’s got all the men twisted in knots. All except Jason. But Sam still wonders why someone else couldn’t be the one to rescue the damsel in distress.

Brenda tells Suzanne that she’s decided she wants the chance to love who she wants to love. When Brenda leaves, Suzanne questions Jason’s security measures and tells him that Brenda’s off to find Sonny. Jason claims to be done worrying about Brenda and Sonny.

Carly goes to Jax and gives him ultimatum, that if he loves her, never to see Brenda again.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s to question him more about the car bomb. Brenda shows up right behind him. They recognize each other and wonder why the other is there. Sonny shows up, and happily introduces his latest squeeze to his son, who both look ill.