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Jillian's The Young and the Restless Spoilers!


Murphy/Katherine: The duchess is devastated when she receives word that Murphy is in critical condition. Katherine is told by Murphy's doctor he may not make it and must choose to keep him on life support. Kay remembers Murphy saying he would want the doctors to do all they can to bring him back when she was in the hospital speaking about wanting to go out with dignity. Kay talks with Victoria and Billy about her dilemma and prays to make the right choice and decides to pull the plug on Murphy. Just when she does Murphy regains consciousness and starts to look smack dab at Meggie.

Neil: He tries to find a way to be friends with Sofia.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire's dark side troubles Ashley and she starts to wonder if she can be with him.

Phyllis: Big red is out for blood and this time Diane is the one she wants it from.

Tucker/Diane: The two are busted by Abby!

Deacon/Nikki/Victor/Meggie: Nikki tells Victor they should just elope with all the drama surrounding their family these days; she wants the wedding to focus on them. Meggie learns of the lovebirds' plans and revs up her plan to breakup the happy couple. Meggie offers her assistance with the wedding plans and head over to Gloworm to go over the plans. Nikki runs into Deacon, who lets her know how he feels about her falling off the waggon once again. Nikki lets down her guard and tells him how all of a sudden she got the urge to drink once again. Deacon tells Nikki to confess to Victor but she shoots down the idea. While speaking with Deacon, Meggie adds booze to Nikki's drink and Mr. Shape sees it all and figures out the real reason Nikki is back to drinking. Nikki discovers alcohol in her drink and Meggie blames the bartender for the screwup.

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Deacon puts two-and-two together and figures out Meggie wants Victor all for herself hence, spiking Nikki's drinks and tells her so. At first Meggie feigns innocence but Deacon shocks her when he says he wants in on her plan. The black knight starts to wonder why his love is acting so moody these days and gets concerned when he finds out Nikki isn't with Kay when she needs her the most. Meggie starts to plant seeds into Victor's mind by mentioning liquor has been missing. Victor starts to wonder if Nikki has ended her sobriety. Later, Nikki gets a drink at Gloworm and Deacon stuns her by pouring one himself. Nikki is a bit sad Deacon has started to drink again but feels a bit happy she found someone that is understanding that you can't always control the urge to drink. Watch for this storyline to have a shocking out come.

Adam/Sharon: The two along with Faith are stuck together during the storm.

Cane/Lily: Blake fights with Cane during the storm. Lily yells for help to save her family.

Kevin: He and Allison toy with their new relationship.

Gloria: She wins over Hogan, while Jeff and Kevin pray they never deal with Hogan's mean side.

Nina: She asks Ronan for a favor.

Diane/Jack/Phyllis: Ms. Jenkins' returns may lead to trouble in paradise for Jack and Phyllis' new found relationship. Diane tells Jack their son Kyle wants to have a relationship with him and recommends them staying in the pool house like they did before.

Big Red isn't too thrilled to hear this news and lets it be known. Jack vetoes Diane's suggestions and tells Phyllis not to worry, he wont be hustled by Diane like he was before. Meanwhile Victor and Nikki square off separately with Diane. Later, Jack reunites with his son and sees just how wonderful Diane is with their little boy (yes Maria de-SORAS'D Kyle). Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis work together to bust Adam and Skye, but their digging places them in a situation that may lead to drama.