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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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Kidnappings, a dark secret, and an important message turn things upside down in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of October 11th.

Eli and The Kidnapping:
At this point, this story involves so many characters that it gets its own name. Dani gets the shock of her life when Eli opens the door of Starr's apartment. Eli kidnaps Starr, Dani and Hope. He takes them to Cherryvale Clinic to get medical supplies for his gunshot wound. Eli sends Dani in to get the supplies and she walks past Tea's room. Inside, Tea knows something fishy is going on and knows better than to trust anyone right now. She begins to plan her escape.


Outside the room, Dani grabs the supplies while Starr tries to get away from Eli. Starr and Eli struggle and Starr gets away. She hides in a stairwell and pulls out her cell phone. She leaves a very distressed message with Hannah to tell Cole that she and Hope are in Cherryville and desperately need him to come get them as soon as possible. She stresses to Hannah to not tell the police. Tea tries to escape from Cherryvale but bumps into Eli. Eli overtakes Tea and throws her in the trunk of the car. (Side Note: I'm sorry but Eli must be freaking Superman to do all this stuff while bleeding out from a gun shot wound and bleeding in his brain. This is utterly absurd.) Dani returns with the supplies and Eli makes her get into the car where Tea is locked in the trunk.

Meanwhile in Llanview, John and Todd discover the dead babysitter and that Starr, Dani and Hope are missing. They conclude that Eli must have abducted them. Todd tells Blair the news and it spreads around Llanview. Marty tries to console Cole but he has other ideas. Cole blames James for Starr's involvement in the whole thing. Marty comforts Hannah about the kidnapping. In turn, Hannah admits that she has a message for Cole about Starr and Hope. Cole shows up later on and Hannah tries to tell him. As Hannah is about to tell him, Langston and Marrko walk in to give Cole some support. Hannah leaves while the three friends console one another.

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At an abandoned warehouse, Eli locks Tea and Dani in separate rooms next to each other. Dani overhears a call Eli makes to Todd and Blair and assumes that Starr and Hope are in the room beside her. Eli demands 100 million dollars ransom from Todd. Eli hangs up with Todd and visits Tea. He tells Tea that everyone thinks that she's dead and no will come to her resuce. Tea is floored by Eli's revelation. Elsewhere, Hannah pulls a gun on Starr and Hope. Dani manages to wiggle her way out of Eli's restraints and comes face to face with Tea. Could this story get any worse? How will Dani react to seeing her mother alive?

Greg/Natalie/Marty: Greg manages to tell Natalie that Tea is alive. Also, Marty accidentaly tells Natalie that Greg visited her a few weeks ago extremely troubled by something he'd done to Tea. With this new information, Natalie decides to go with Price to Cherryvale Clinic to find out the identity of Greg's mystery patient. However, when they arrive, the patient and the nurse who was caring for her are gone. Natalie is forced to go back to the drawing board with John and figure out what happened to the patient. Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Evans keep vigil at Greg's bedside. They both hint at a deep dark secret of Greg's past but leave it at that. While they step out for a second, Eli enters Greg's room. What does Eli have planned for Greg?

Viki/Echo/Rex/Cint: Viki tells Rex and Natalie about her suspicions of Echo's true motives in Llanview. Viki asks Rex to investigate Echo and he takes the case. Rex discovers that Echo is not leaving Llanview anytime soon and is hovering around Clint. Kelly finds out that Rex is investigating Echo and gives him access to The Sun's resources to aid him in his search. After being stood up by Inez, Clint has a talk with Echo. Later on, Echo has an encounter with Dorian. What does Echo want with Dorian?

Markko goes to see Langston to comfort her about Starr. Ford shows up to do the same, but leaves when he sees that Markko has got the job covered. A little later, Langston finds Hope's toy frog on the ground and thinks something isn't right. Langston tells James she knows about his feelings for Starr and believes that he could win her over by saving her from danger. Will James listen to Langston's suggestion?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (October 18th):

  • Starr and Hope are trapped in an attic
  • Eli injects poison into Greg's IV
  • Todd and Company face off with Eli
  • Blair discovers a surprise
  • Destiny celebrates her birthday
  • Tea and DanYELLA reunite
  • Greg's secret comes to light