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ABC Daytime Stars Get Their Musical Theatre on in Support of LA Gay and Lesbian Center

Some of ABC Daytime's best and brightest came out on Oct. 7 to perform in The World Goes Round, a Broadway muscial revue to support the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. caught up with several of the talented performers, including Brandon Barash (Johnny, General Hospital), who sang a song about Sara Lee baked goods, in addition to helping up the hunk factor during a bit performed by All My Children's Bobbie Eakes (Krystal).


After a month of working all day on the set and then rehearsing a few hours every night for "The World Goes Round," Barash, who hadn't done a musical in 13 years, admitted it was exhausting. "It's been a scramble, but it's all come together in the last week or two and we're excited with our product."

As for his alter ego, Johnny Zacchara, he had no idea what was to come for the mobster, but he's ready for anything. When asked what he'd like to see for Johnny, Brandon replied, "Something, 'cause he's been kind of stagnant lately. Something other than him griping about this sister because I think that ship has sailed."

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