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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Siobhan’s not happy with Lucky pushing himself onto her and is angry that he’s playing her for a fool. He tells her that he’s being truthful to her now. She threatens to tell the Balkan’s men the truth about him and Lucky tries to get her to see reason. Luke arrives, and Siobhan storms off. Luke apologizes for messing things up and says Lucky might have to neutralize Siobhan, but Lucky doesn’t want to send Interpol after her. Lucky gets a call to meet someone in an alley. Siobhan follows him to the alley where the man tells him there’s a woman he needs to find and bring to the Balkan. Lucky asks who, and the man tells him Brenda Barrett.

Suzanne insists to Jason that the Balkan is coming after Brenda and he needs to keep his eye on her. She tells Jason that he needs to talk to Brenda about her feelings for Sonny.

Carly’s upset about Jax’ relationship with Brenda, despite his assurances that they are only friends and she's not a threat. She insists that he not see Brenda anymore, and he agrees, only if she never see Sonny again. Carly says it’s different since she has kids with Sonny (and because she’s Carly and what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander!). Carly says if Jax loved her, he wouldn’t ignore how she feels. Jax convinces her to trust him and they end up having some loving in the office.

Lulu and Sam are still discussing all things Brenda, when Maxie storms in and demands that Sam tell Jason to get rid of Brenda because she’s tying Spinelli in knots and that’s upsetting to Maxie. Sam tells her that it’s Jason’s job to protect Brenda and that it may take awhile.

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Maxie goes to Jason, and insists he put Brenda on a plane back to Rome, because she doesn’t want Spinelli hurt. She says Brenda is a bad influence, and Jason promises to talk to Spinelli. Maxie doesn’t believe him and storms off.

Spinelli stops by to see Lulu and blathers on about Brenda. Lulu tells him that idolizing Brenda is a waste of energy and that he’s hurting Maxie. Spinelli doesn’t seem to care that Maxie’s feelings might be hurt, since she’s the one that didn’t appreciate him.

Sonny introduces Brenda and Dante, and Brenda pretends not to already know Dante, so he goes along with it. Dante tells Sonny that he’ll probably need a lawyer since he’s going ahead with the investigation of the car bomb. Brenda defends Sonny, claiming that some good people do the wrong things for the right reasons and that some cases are better left unsolved. This seems to have meaning for both Dante and Brenda. Before he leaves, Dante warns Sonny that blood ties are not going to make this go away.

Brenda tells Sonny that he’s a good father but he claims that she always saw the best in him. He tells her that she matters to him and asks why they can’t build on that.

Carly shows up at Jason’s, unhappy with Brenda’s intrusion in her life, but understands that Jason must protect her, since that’s what he does for her. Jason tells her that their relationship is different, that she stands up for him every time he needs her, she takes care of him and he loves her. Carly wonders why those words aren’t coming from Jax. She worries that Brenda can work her magic on Jax and that if Carly tries to stop it, Brenda will play the victim, drawing Jax in even more. Jason insists that Brenda hasn’t mentioned Jax’ name, that she’s been all about Sonny. Ironically, this didn’t seem to appease Carly.

Robin pays Jax a visit and admits that she orchestrated the reunion between Sonny and Brenda. Jax wonders why she would do that, knowing the destruction that Brenda suffered at Sonny’s hands. Robin insists that both have changed, but Jax says if she was Brenda’s friend, she would be protecting her, not sitting back and watching Sonny hurt her again.

Lulu goes home and Dante tells her that he met Brenda. Lulu wonders if he’s fallen under Brenda’s spell, like the rest of the men of Port Charles. While she’s talking, Dante has a memory of meeting Brenda, while he was a cop in uniform.