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Jillian's Days of Our Lives Spoilers!


Will: He goes to the mat to cover for his mom.

Sami: She wants EJ thrown under the jail.

Hope: She busts up the pow-wow Lee and Jane are having.

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EJ/Sami: The green light is given to Sami to tell EJ they aren't married. EJ feigns outrage and Sami figures out he's faking everything. Later, Rafe fills Sami in on leaving his job with the FBI and she breaks down and tells him about shooting EJ. Rafe shocks Sami by wanting to keep what she did covered up. She then tells Rafe about Will being in the know about her shooting EJ. They both discuss how to keep Will out of harm's way and to keep the shooting to themselve,s but are unaware Arianna heard everything and heads out to tell EJ.

Brady: He fills Victor in on Nicole knowing all about Vivian.

Carly: She tells Sister Anne why she lied.

Melanie/Daniel/Chloe/Phillip: Daniel and Chloe's wedding is about to be shattered due to Melanie knowing about Chloe's tryst. Melanie thinks this is the right thing, considering the past she and Daniel have faced because of lies. Daniel wonders why Chloe and Melanie are on edge and Nicole comes up with a bogus lie about Melanie not being considered family due to her new found relationship with Daniel. Meanwhile, Philip and Carly implore to Mel to keep quiet on everything. Melanie feels crushed once again Carly is lying about something to Daniel and feels strongly Chloe is going to ruin her father's life.

She wants him to know everything before he walks down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Daniel tells Melanie he knows about the remark Chloe made about her not thinking of being family. Daniel is called away before she can reveal all. Later, Melanie bumps into Brady and tries to explain her situation without giving it away. Brady lets Mel know people will lie in the name of love and it isn't a deal breaker. Melanie chews on this information, but stuns everyone at the wedding by stopping the proceedings. All involved in Chloe's cover up thinks Melanie's about to blow the lid off everything. Melanie just informs Chloe she is going to keep quiet and to get a guarantee her soon-to-be step mom won't hurt her father again. The wedding continues without a hitch, but in the back of Chloe's mind she knows Melanie is a liability.