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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky’s not interested in his latest assignment, stating that Brenda Barrett is too high profile, but the Balkan’s man doesn’t care. He tells Lucky that he’s not supposed to kill Brenda, just find her and grab her, since his men haven’t succeeded. Siobhan is caught eavesdropping, but Lucky explains that she’s working with him. Lucky is told to go to Rome to find Brenda.

Jax tells Robin that he doesn’t trust Sonny not to hurt Brenda again. Robin tells him that Brenda’s a grown woman, and that he shouldn’t interfere; otherwise Brenda might see him as an option, and what would that do to Carly? Jax assures Robin that he and Carly are solid and lightning shoots down from the heavens to strike him on the spot!

Carly tells Jason that Brenda is a husband stealer, that she doesn’t trust Brenda’s motives and that once she’s done going after Sonny, she’ll likely set her sights on Jax. When Jax gets back to work later, Carly’s waiting for him, determined to make sure that he keeps his eyes on her.

Sonny tells Brenda that she made an impression on Dante. She questions why he doesn’t have a picture of Dante with his other kids and claims that the situation is very similar to Sonny and Mike. Then Brenda decides to give me whiplash. She changes her mind about why she’s there to see him and tells Sonny that Robin was wrong, that they can’t be together and that she’ll be okay without him and she leaves.

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Dante explains to Lulu that Brenda seemed to be all about protecting Sonny, defending his actions and convincing herself that he’s a good man. Dante does not seem happy about all of this. Lulu explains some of BraSon’s history as she remembers it, including Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar. Dante realizes that Brenda was the woman that Sonny meant when he was talking about the one that got away. At no time does he tell Lulu about his history with Brenda. Later on, while Lulu sleeps, Dante remembers his first encounter with Brenda.

Patrick and Steven are discussing the mess Patrick has made of things. Epiphany tears a strip off of Patrick about taking personal messages for him. Turns out, Patrick ordered a necklace for Robin and it was ready. Patrick remembers that it’s Robin’s birthday. He asks Pif’s advice about whether he should give Robin the gift, but Epiphany’s not interested in Patrick’s problems. Steven tells him to give Robin some room.

Robin comes home to a surprise birthday gathering with Mac, Maxie and the gorgeous Emma. Mac points out flowers sent by Nikolas and gifts from Robert and Anna. They enjoy cake, before Mac and Maxie head out and Robin has a couple of moments with Emma.

Patrick shows up and Robin is surprised that he remembered her birthday. She tells him she wasn’t expecting anything and seems happy with the gift, but says she’s not ready to wear it. Patrick wishes her happy birthday and leaves.

Back at the apartment, Siobhan figures Lucky’s on his way to Rome to find Brenda, but he tells her she’s going with him, since he can’t leave her in Ireland, for fear the Balkan’s man will get to her. Maybe the weather will be warmer in Italy, and Siobhan can finally take off that horrible hat she’s been wearing.

Suzanne goes to see Sonny about Brenda. He’s nice at first, offering a contribution to her charity, but she’s not interested in his dirty money and is only interested in Brenda’s safety. Sonny says that he doesn’t care about her thoughts on his relationship with Brenda and that she should leave, but she tells him to stay away from Brenda. She also lets Sonny know that Brenda was coming to tell him her feelings and that Sonny should man up and let her go.

Brenda gets back to the penthouse, insisting that she must leave and that Jason come with her, but he refuses to go. She tells him she still has feelings for Sonny, that she’s been trying to forget him and now she’s hurting all over again. Jason insists that she tell him why the Balkan is after her, specifically. Brenda goes to tell him, but can’t, so Jason walks away and Brenda sits on the steps, remembering her first encounter with Dante, crying.