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General Hospital Spoilers: Is All Brenda, All The Time a Bit Much?

Here’s the Scoop!


Guza most definitely has his muse back… the whole show pretty much revolves around Brenda Barrett, not that it’s a huge surprise. As much as most fans love Brenda, is this the GH standard of too much of a good thing? Once again, the lack of balance in Port Charles is most definitely showing. Let’s break it down character by character regarding Brenda’s involvement.

Dante… Besides their shared secret, Brenda tries to convince Dante that Sonny had nothing to do with the bomb in Johnny’s car. Didn’t Sonny admit his involvement to the super model? In other Dante news, Mayor Floyd enlists Ronnie’s help to get Dante’s butt kicked off the PCPD. Will Ronnie do the Mayor’s dirty work or tip off his old pal? Is Dante’s guilt getting the best of him? Something from his past is eating at the cop and Michael may be on the receiving end of Dante’s frustrations. Sonny wants answers about Brenda from Dante, just as Lulu arrives.

Sonny… He just won’t give up on his lady love. Too bad she is adamant on their story ending. Once again, Brenda asks Jason to keep her away from Sonny and then asks Robin to help Sonny stay away from her. Are Sonny and Brenda in a close encounter of the kissing kind before Sonny finally agrees to give Brenda the space she’s been begging for? He may be backing away, but he will not be giving up.

Carly & Jax… Mrs. Jacks is just not convinced that her hubby has lost that loving feeling for Brenda. How will she feel when she learns that Jax is re-modeling the Metro Court to build an apartment for his former fiancé? Of course, Carly resorts to one of her plans that have her planting one on Jason in hopes of making Jax jealous. Will Carly have to up the stakes to make Jax take notice? Remember that Jason and Carly sleeping together SPOILER I mentioned last week? Well, Carly thinks that she has no other option but to sleep with Jason to make Jax wake up and chase her, not Brenda.

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Jason & Lucky… Brenda’s predicament with The Balkan has these two working together yet again. Siobhan and Lucky hit the sheets and after, she wants him to take her to Port Charles with him, where Brenda Barrett is. Too bad for Siobhan, the Balkan wants “Ronan” to kill Siobhan; quick on his feet, Lucky saves both their behinds. Needing to keep their cover, Lucky tells Siobhan she must come to Port Charles with him. Jason and Lucky meet up and come up with a plan to “lure” the Balkan out of the shadows with Brenda as their bait. The Balkan has minions all over the place, and one of them sneaks a picture of “Ronan O’Reilly” with Jason Morgan.

Jason & Sam… When these two start to get freaky, Sam puts on the breaks, saying she won’t have sex in the same apartment where Brenda lives. Once a Brenda-bot, always a Brenda-bot. Sam wants to be the bait for the Balkan. What will Brenda do when she overhears Sam’s plan?

Claire… Of all people, Claire enlists Dante to dig into Brenda’s past. She couldn’t hire a private investigator? As I told you last week, Carly gets great pleasure in telling Claire that Brenda kicked Sonny to the curb. Thinking they were invited by the other, Claire and Sonny arrive for dinner and realize they were set-up, by Carly. Sonny apologizes, he and Claire start dating again.

Spinelli… I sort of like how smitten he is with the divine one. Brenda confesses to Spinelli that she always hurts the ones she loves. The Jackal can’t crack the Balkan’s cyber code.

How about some un-Brenda related scoop? The one storyline that has nothing to do with Ms. Barrett is crazy Dr. Niles and her attack on Robin. If my best friend was being targeted by a psycho, I’d be all over that bitch, but hey, that’s just me. So Lisa gets sprung, declared un-nutso and it appears that she is back to her old tricks. In nothing but her unmentionables, Lisa corners Patrick in the hospital locker room. Dr. Niles keeps on pushing Robin’s buttons, leading to another slap across the face. Is Steve switching teams? Lisa takes up residence at the Metro Court on Patrick’s floor. Epiphany offers Robin some advice, keep it cool or you’re the one everyone will think is crazy.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Luke’s fake heart attack becomes “real” thanks to Maya and some switched blood work. Tracy says she will take care of Luke, her faith restored. Lulu wants Lucky to join in the effort to reunite Luke and Tracy. Kate is not happy with her assistants when they fail at landing Brenda as the Crimson cover girl. Ethan’s beat down was due to Luke’s involvement with Ronan O’Reilly. Ethan and Maya kiss. Is Lucky’s cover blown? Sonny and Robin have a heart to heart. Who takes Emma this time? Ronnie has the evidence to nail Sonny for the car bomb. Brenda has a nightmare. A trap is set for the Balkan.