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Would a Shick Reunion be Worth The Wait on The Young and the Restless?


It’s harvest season in Genoa City, and apparently, pumpkins aren’t the only thing ripe for the picking. The Young and the Restless’ Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) showed up to the Harvest Festival as an item, kindling speculation that the popular 90s supercouple may be going the way of Peaches and Herb and reuniting after a five-year separation (Why, yes, I am humming the song, by the way!).

There was a time when I would have crawled through the bowels of soapy hell, sans kneepads, to have Nick claw his way out of molding pizza boxes, empty Heineken bottles, and PSP cartridges toreturn to his first love. After his waffling and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Sharon’s endless game of “musical mistress”, not to mention Adam (Michael Muhney) circling overhead, I’ve abandoned all hope of a genuine reunion. Frankly, I don’t think I give a Shick what they do anymore!

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One reason for my Shick apathy is that under Nick’s thumb, Sharon seems perpetually stifled. Being controlled by Victor (Eric Braeden), Nick displaces his need for control onto the women in his life. Meanwhile, Sharon happily throws herself across the train tracks as his ready-made distressed damsel every time. Their 10years together were marred by many instances of victimization for the former Mrs. Newman, including a tragic rape, the loss of two children and several extramarital affairs on both sides. I fear that much of their connection now is based on past pains. I love my girl, but the “woe is me” routine is tiring. I want to see Sharon work a real job where she is not just a marionette or mannequin for her husband’s daddy’s company. I want her to come to terms with her losses, shed her mourning clothes, and finally be free. If Fickle-las morphs into the tyrannical king of hearts that his daddy is, I foresee Sharon following in Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) Prada-clad footsteps, hitting the bottle and obediently taking his blows like a GCAC punching bag.

I also feel that the Shick coupling has endured too much trauma. Nick’s waffling is reprehensible, and I personally hope that both Phyllis and Sharon leave him alone to shift his own joystick. Sharon would be a fool to go back to a man who cheated on her as she lamented her daughter’s death, then went on to play insta-family with his scarlet woman. He led her on so badly when he “left” Phyllis for all of a week. The make-up sex sessions at the cabin, the house-hunting, the longing glances— all ingredients for a big old helping of air pie!

It seems that the young heir runs to whichever woman is in crisis or labor at the time. He shows his true colors in his visible rage whenever Adam is in the vicinity. It’s clear that he doesn’t want his exes to find happiness with other men, but he’s not man enough for the both of them, as Phyllis aptly pointed out. It’s painfully obvious that Nick can’t be unoccupied for any length of time,  now that Red has made up his mind for him by pulling her name out of the ring, it feels like he’s running to Sharon as his default choice. My advice: Girl, you may be pageant pretty, but don’t settle for first runner-up!