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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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No Sonny, Dante, Lulu, Carly or Brenda today. Unfortunately, also no Johnny or Alexis.

Tracy shows up at the Star, to find Luke waiting for her. He tells her he missed her and kisses her, but then she smacks him over the head with a bottle. Luke says they’re in this together, and he wants a real marriage. Tracy’s not happy that he left in the first place, but he tells her that he always comes back because he loves her and wants a fresh start. Tracy says if Luke gives her the 10 million dollars back, she’ll give him another chance.

Ethan shows up and has a happy reunion with his father. Tracy leaves and Ethan wonders what Luke will do to get back into her good graces. When Luke leaves, two men show up and say they’re looking for Luke because they want to know why he visited Ronan in Ireland. Ethan, obviously, has no idea.

Elizabeth and the kids are back. Liz and Aiden show up at Windemere for a reunion with Nikolas and, once again, the General Hospital casting department does a great job finding the perfect little baby to play Aiden. Niz discuss the schedule to see the baby, but then Brook shows up and Elizabeth is not happy to hear that Nikolas hired her as his escort. After Liz leaves, Brook questions whether her spot in Nik’s life will cause problems with Liz.

Patrick asks Maya to drop off a chart at Robin’s for a consult, but Epiphany is still angry and continues to snipe at Patrick. Maya admits that she feels bad for Robin, marrying a player like Patrick who won’t change.

Maxie pops by Robin’s to ask her to convince Brenda to leave town, or to talk Jason into having her leave. When Robin digs further, Maxie admits that she’s not happy with Spinelli’s obsession with Brenda.

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Jason walks into Sonny’s office, to find Michael and Claire there, with Claire tearing a strip off of Michael for violating his parole by visiting his father. Michael insists that he’s there to see Jason, but Claire’s not taking any crap, since she let him off the hook the last time she caught him there.

After Claire leaves, Jason questions why Michael would meet with him at the restaurant. Michael says he didn’t want to go to the penthouse because he’s avoiding Sam, because of what happened with Candy. Jason warns him that he must have no contact with Sonny and he must follow the rest of the rules of his parole.

Maya drops by Robin’s to give her Patrick’s chart. Robin asks if the affair is still the gossip of the day and Maya admits that it is, but she surprises Robin by saying most of the talk is about Patrick being a dog. Most people have sympathy for Robin. Robin blames herself, because she married a player and thought she could change him. Maya tells her that it’s not her fault and mentions her own relationship with a player, and now with Ethan.

Max and Milo have the task of guarding Brenda, but the two start fighting about each other’s interest in her. Spinelli comes down, asking them to keep things quiet because the divine one is doing her yoga. Diane arrives, wanting some face time with Brenda, but Spin prevents her from disturbing her and Diane is forced to leave.

Maxie stops by the penthouse, determined to make Spinelli see that his obsession is not healthy and Brenda is bad news. She handcuffs him to her and tries to drag him away, but he’s not having any of it. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him hurt, and he wonders why, since she hurt him so badly. Maxie tells him that Brenda is a hot model who wouldn’t be interested in someone like him.

Elizabeth shows up at work and Pif questions which Liz is back, but Liz assures her that she’s back to her professional self. Steve and Patrick welcome her back and Patrick tells her about Robin and Lisa. Elizabeth commiserates with Patrick since she’s done her own damage in her relationships. Robin arrives to discuss a case with Patrick and once she notices that everyone is watching them, she decides to make an announcement to clear the air.

Diane goes to Jason to complain about Spin’s treatment of her, but he’s worried about Michael and what Claire will do. Diane tells him that Claire is a woman scorned now and will want payback.

Ronnie and Claire discuss getting Sonny. Ronnie wants Dante off the car bomb case, but Claire thinks Dante’s still determined to get Sonny. She tells Ronnie that she caught Michael in Sonny’s office, but doesn’t want to harm Michael. Ronnie tells her that all she needs to do is threaten Jason with sending Michael back to prison, and have Jason give up Sonny.

Claire goes to Jason and tells him that she’ll look the other way with Michael, if Jason gives her something on Sonny.