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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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There were lots of characters and storylines today, so I’ll be paraphrasing a lot, in order to make sure this column doesn’t go on forever.

Jason and Claire argue over her intentions to send Michael back to Pentonville. Sonny arrives and tells Claire to leave Michael alone, since her problem is with him. Claire admits her threats were hollow, and tears up the writ against Michael.

When Jason leaves, Sonny tells Claire he never meant to hurt her, that he wanted a relationship with her, and didn’t expect Brenda to show up, but now that she has and he has feelings for her, he felt he should break things off with Claire. She accepts that, but lets him know that while she can no longer prosecute him, she can help whoever will build a case against him.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to argue about Brenda’s influence on him. Maxie feels she’s taking adventage of the jackal, that he’s Brenda’s errand boy. Brenda comes down and tries to defend herself, but Maxie insists she’ll only destroy Spinelli, and he’ll be crushed. Spinelli tells her that since she exchanged him for Matt, than he’s done the same with Brenda. Jason comes in and tries to calm everybody down, but Maxie leaves, just as angry.

Jason asks Brenda to leave Spinelli alone, but Brenda doesn’t understand the concern, since she’s only being friendly. Jason tells her that Spin is vulnerable and if he feels he needs to fight for Brenda, than he’ll do something stupid with the Balkan. Brenda agrees to back off Spin, but asks Jason to go to Sonny and tell him to leave her alone, for now.

Dante talks to Olivia about being put back on the car bomb case, which points the finger at Sonny. Olivia says Sonny looked her in the eye and swore he didn’t do it. The mayor drops by to put pressure on Dante and tell him that if he doesn’t do his job properly, or if he destroys evidence against Sonny, that Internal Affairs will be called in to look into Dante. Claire shows up to talk with Dante. She tells him she and Sonny are no more and that she wants him to build an airtight case against his father.

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Carly asks Johnny over to give him a note to bring to Jason, where he can meet Brenda and have her fall for him, so that Brenda won’t be interested in Sonny or Jax. Johnny’s not interested , since he’s with Olivia. Olivia pops by and lets Johnny know that Dante’s working the case again.

Ethan calls Johnny over to the Star, to ask if he knows the two men who roughed him up. Johnny’s surprised that Ethan was beaten, and says they are his men, but they were on loan to the Balkan, and he had no idea they were going to rough up Ethan.

Michael tells Carly that he violated his parole by being in Sonny’s office and he’s worried about what Claire will do. Carly tells him she’ll take of Claire, but reminds him to be super careful about his parole.

Carly goes to tear a strip off Claire, who admits she was only trying to scare Jason into giving her info about Sonny. Carly tells her that if she threatens one of her kids again, she’ll burn her life to the ground.

Brook and Nik discuss their current arrangement and the impact it will have on his relationship with Liz. She wonders why, after years of friendship, did he suddenly have a thing for Liz and decides that he’s not over Emily, which is why he was attracted to her best friend. She tells him he’s drowning in his past and he says he doesn’t regret Aiden.

Robin makes her announcement that Patrick cheated and then Lisa went crazy but that it’s not anyone’s business and she wants to get back to work. Steve and Liz gossip about Robin, and Steven has a hard time believing all the allegations against Lisa, since there is no proof that she did anything Robin said she did. He asks Liz about things with Nikolas, and Liz admits that, sometimes, she still wishes Lucky was Aiden’s father.

Suzanne tells Brenda that she’s worried about her, and doesn’t want her linked to organized crime. Brenda says she’s not going to be with Sonny because too many things have happened, and that she’s asked Jason to go and tell Sonny.

Jason tells Sonny that Brenda wants him to stay away from her, and Sonny understands that Brenda is scared, but he also wants to convince her that he wants to be with her.

Patrick wants to discuss a case with Robin, but she wants nothing to do with him. Liz and Steven discuss Nikolas. Maxie comes to talk to Matt about Spinelli. When the elevator doors open, none other than Dr. Lisa Niles gets off the elevator and, while everyone stares at her with their mouth open, she says, “Anyone miss me?”