Jillian's Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Look Both Ways Before You Cross The Street, Arianna!


Slick Vic finds out Madame Alamain is inside the sarcophagus. Vivian thinks fast and points the finger at Nicole, saying she placed her inside the tomb. Viv knows if Victor finds out it was Brady he will leave her there. Victor rushes for help and unfortunately for Vivian, bumps into Brady! Victor fills Brady in on what's going on and Brady tells his grandfather it was all him. Victor is shocked, but thrilled his grandson decided to take the bull by the horns regarding Vivian. Later, Victor has Vivian cop to what landed her inside of the crypt. Victor lets her know he's letting her stay right there because of her crazy plans for Maggie.

Daniel: The good doctor thinks Chloe's caring nature will soothe the rift with Melanie.

Hope: Fancy Face is suspicious about April's death.

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Arianna: Ms. Hernandez tells her big brother she knows his lady love shot EJ. Rafe feigns innocence and maintains Sami was with him the night EJ was shot. When Sami arrives, Ari lets her know she is on to her before fleeing. Rafe takes off after his sister. The two have a showdown. Arianna puts her cards on the table, she plans to tell Salem's finest and/or EJ what she knows. Rafe admits Sami shot EJ and begs his sister to keep quiet. Ari tells Rafe no can do and the two battle it out once more.

Meanwhile, Sami fills Will in about Arianna knowing everything. Later, Sami confesses all to Ari, not knowing she's being taped! Sami and Ari tussle over the tape, but Kayla arrives and busts up the two. After Arianna leaves, Sami searches for Rafe to tell him what happened. Meanwhile, Ari tells EJ to come to the Brady Pub so they can talk. Will spies her, however and the two argue over Arianna's involvement in the situation. A frazzled Arianna takes off to get away from Will and ends up getting struck by a car! Rafe and Sami rush to the hospital when they get word about the accident. Ari regains consciousness when EJ enters her hospital room and she gears up to tell him everything about his shooting.

Gabi: She finds out why her sister dashed out of the pub.

EJ: He promises to fulfill Arianna's dying wish.