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Jillian's The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Amber's Back to Her Old Tricks!


Amber: She finds out her men's line rated badly. Amber resorts to her old tricks and puts a plan in motion to steal designs from Forrester Creations by using Oliver. Amber brings Oliver to her house and gets him drunk. Once Mr. Jones is out cold, Amber steals the designs. Nick loves Amber's new "designs" and is clueless she jacked them from Forrester.

Stephanie: La Forrester doesn't waste time after her sugery. Stephanie devotes all her energy into helping the homeless. Eric is not thrilled about how Stephanie's acting during the precious moments she has.

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Hope: She discovers Oliver hung over. Hope finds out about his drunkfest with Amber and tells him Ms. Moore is nothing but trouble and to keep his distance. Later, Hope encourages Oliver to take time away from Forrester.

Bill: He keeps taunting Liam.

Thomas: He tells Taylor to butt out when she keeps bugging him about working with Brooke on Forrester's new men's line.

Taylor: The good doctor keeps on hurling nasty remarks at Brooke. Logan slaps Taylor for the comments, causing Ridge to jump in and place peacemaker.