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Jillian's The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker Puts Diane To Bed!


Tucker/Diane: The rebel billionaire creeps on Ashley with Diane! Tucker and Diane hit the sheets, but afterwards he lets her know it was just a hit and run that won't have a sequel. Sucks to be Mr. McCall. Abby finds out and tells Daniel! Ash hears everything and makes a beeline to Tucker's! She arrives just as Diane and Tucker are getting dressed. Tucker claims he and Diane were only having a business meeting. Ashley buys his excuse.

Meggie: Her plans start to come together in her quest to be Mrs. Victor Newman.

Lauren: She and Jill have a tender moment together, but everything goes to hell due to Jill's surly demeanor.

Cane/Lily/JT/Mac: The Ashbys are on their way back to Genoa City when they spot JT stuck in his car. JT tries to get out, but gets electrocuted. Cane helps JT get out while Lily heads for help. JT stops breathing for a moment, but Cane steps in and resuscitates him. Help arrives and they all head to the hospital. Mac appears by JT's side and promises him, while he's unconscious, that she will marry him if he pulls through. JT miraculously wakes up.

Sharon: She comes up with an interesting idea for both Nick and Noah.

Nick: He finds Sharon with Adam.

Billy: Mr. Abbott tries to help Victoria.

Big Red writes an article about Diane. When Ms. Jenkins finds out, she flips. The divas start their war up again.