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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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While everyone at the hospital stands around in shock, Lisa explains that Shadybrook cleared her to come back to work, since they think she was only a danger to herself. And I wonder if they knew she had a gun on two other people. Robin is beside herself with anger. Steven calls Shadybrook and confirms that Lisa was released because she responded well to drug therapy. And I say, in two weeks? Takes me longer to respond to Midol for my cramps. Robin feels Lisa should have been sent to prison and I wonder why she can’t be arrested for pulling a gun on Scrubs. Lisa claims she had a breakdown because of Patrick but she’s fine now. Steven admits there is no evidence against Lisa and I wonder what about her fingerprints all over the cabin. What about the drugs that were in Robin’s system that would have matched the prescription that Lisa wrote?

Epiphany, Matt and Liz declare they are going to mind their own business. Patrick insists he’s not going to work with Lisa. Steven suggests Lisa transfer to Mercy, but she refuses. And I wonder why she can’t be fired outright, for holding a gun to two fellow doctors. Maxie tells Robin not to let Lisa play her. Liz tells Patrick to be careful around Lisa and to see her for who she is, and not the college girl she once was. Maya commiserates with Robin, who thinks she should take a leave of absence and go away with Emma.

Lucky and Siobhan end up holed up in a hotel room and I must say, she looks a million times prettier without the silly hat. Apparently he was roughed up by the local police before escaping them with Siobhan’s help. Siobhan goes out and gets medicine and helps clean up Lucky’s wounds. She goes in for a kiss and wonders why he’s not willing. He doesn’t want to dump his past on her. She’s not interested in long term, she just wants to sleep with him. They make out and I’m finally seeing some chemistry between them.

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Jason tells Sonny to stay away from Brenda, but that’s like telling a two year old they can’t play with their shiny new Christmas present.

Dante continues to remember his past with Brenda. Lulu shows up, wanting a night with him, but he blows her off. Jason goes to Dante and tells him about Claire catching Michael. Dante says he’ll tell Claire to back off and will speak to Michael about his parole rules. He also lets Jason know that the car bomb case is back open which might mean talking to Michael and needs Jason to support Michael. Mayor Floyd shows up, throwing his weight around and threatening to call Internal Affairs on Dante. Jason backs Floyd off with the fact that Spin and Sam have pictures of Floyd with hookers, so Floyd leaves. Dante is surprised that Jason would stick his neck out for him, but Jason admits that Michael needs Dante right now.

Suzanne questions why Brenda had a change of heart regarding Sonny. Brenda tells her that she gets obsessed when she’s with Sonny and can’t handle it. She’s determined to get out of Port Charles.

Carly goes to Jax, to tell him about Claire and that Sonny dropped her for Brenda. Carly goes to Sonny, to tell him to leave Brenda alone, and to make nice with Claire, for Michael’s sake. Sonny tells her to stay out of his personal life, and I remember why he’ll never win father of the year award.

Brenda goes to Jax, because only he can cheer her up, apparently. He tells her Sonny pushes her buttons and she admits she needs to stay away from Sonny, but needs his help doing it. Jax promises her she can count on him. I’m sure Carly will love that.

Brenda comes home to an empty apartment. Dante arrives and they decide to have their discussion in her bedroom. Jason comes home, followed by Sonny who’s looking for Brenda. Brenda and Dante discuss some secret that they have, that will remain a secret.