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The Philadelphia Tribune Interviews Buzzworthy Radio's NaVell J. Lee and Me on Victoria Rowell

Recently I was asked by Stephanie Guerilus, a staff writer for The Philadelphia Tribune, if she could interview me concerning Victoria Rowell's relationship with The Young and the Restless. One of DC's peers, NaVell J. Lee, host of Buzzworthy Radio was also interviewed, along with Rowell herself.


Here's what I had to say when asked about the opinion of fans online regarding Rowell:

“If you go online, Victoria definitely has a huge amount of supporters on our site, but she also has her detractors, but what I like to bring up is not focusing so much on whether you think she’s outrageous or whether or not she’s bitter or these things that people accuse her of being,”said Jamey Giddens, editorial director of Daytime “There’s truth in the fact that there are only two working African-American writers in daytime, when this is an industry, according to most studies, that is watched by a large percentage of African Americans.”

Here's a snippet of what Lee had to say:

“I love her to death, but there just comes a time when you know when you go over that mark, they’re probably not going to want you back there,” Lee said. “I really do think she’s tarnishing her reputation in the industry. She is one of those versatile actresses that can do absolutely anything given to her, and I think by just what is going on Twitter and as well as outside of Twitter, inserting herself in to the situation, I think it’s tarnishing her a bit because a lot of people are looking at her in a very different way.”

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