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One Life to Live Spoilers: Does Eli Want to Do a SWAP With Tea?!


A reunion, an arrest and a discovery turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of October 18.


Tea/Dani: Dani cracks the door open and is floored to find her mother on the other side. The mother and daughter have a heartfelt reunion. Later, Eli returns and Tea gets on his case. She orders him to tell her how he got Greg to purposely misdiagnose her. Eli threatens Tea and leaves confident in the fact that no one knows she is alive. However, Eli doesn't know that Natalie has DNA proof that Tea is alive. Tea begins to think Eli wants to trade her for Blair. Is Tea's assumption correct?

Greg: After sneaking into Greg's hospital room, Eli has a little talk with an unconscious Greg. He informs Greg of his plan to use Tea to get the money he originally wanted and Blair. Eli injects a poison into Greg's IV and high tails it out of the hospital.

Soon after, Greg flatlines but Vivian saves him. Greg wakes up and manages to tell Natalie about his past with Eli. In turn, Natalie has Greg placed under arrest. Greg isn't well enough to be hauled off to jail, so he will remain in the hospital until he is better. The Evans family return to his bedside and Greg admits to helping Eli carry out his plan. What will Greg's family think of his actions?

Todd informs Nate that Eli let him speak to Dani, but not to Starr. Todd receives another phone call from Eli with instructions about where to drop off the ransom money. Eli wants Todd to leave the money at the abandoned warehouse. John, Todd, Bo and Blair head to the abandoned warehouse to wait for Eli and make the drop.

When Eli reveals himself, a SWAT team surrounds him. Eli quickly pulls out a handheld transmitter that is connected to a bomb inside the warehouse and threatens to set it off. While all the commotion with Eli and the bomb is going on, Blair slips into the warehouse to look for Dani, Starr and Hope. Blair is speechless when she finds Tea instead. Will everyone make it out the warehouse safely?

Starr tries everything she can think of to escape the attic. She is unsuccessful and Hannah pops in for a visit. Starr can't believe her ears when Hannah says that she has no problem taking Hope away from her (Side Note: Starr just whoop her tail. You have a baseball bat in that attic, use it!) A little later, Starr has a dream about Hannah influencing Cole's actions and another dream where James comes to rescue her. Will James or Cole rescue Starr?

James/Hannah: James puts Hannah through a ringer of questions when he discovers she has his bullet necklace. She makes something up and leaves. James has a talk with Ford about Hannah. Later, Hannah thinks that she underestimated James. James begins to think Hannah has something to do with Starr's kidnapping. Will James figure out where Hannah is holding Starr and Hope before it's too late?

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Langston/Cole/Ford/Clint: After Ford receives a visit from Clint and his two thugs, he runs into Hannah. As they talk, Langston walks in and wants to know what's going on. Ford gets Langston off his case, and turns his attention back to Hannah. He almost gets Hannah to spill her guts about Starr, but Cole cuts in. He's at the apartment to apologize to James for the incident at the police station. A little later, James, Ford, and Langston monitor Marty's house in hopes of following Hannah to Starr. Will teaming up to find Starr bring Langston and Ford closer together?

Brody/Jessica: Brody and Jessica take a paternity test. Brody bonds with Charlie over the chance that Ford is the baby's father. Is Ford or Brody the father of Jessica's baby?

Viki/Dorian/Charlie: Viki visits Dorian to give her some moral support due to the kidnapping. They end up talking about Echo and Viki feels the need to warn Charlie about her. Viki tells Charlie that Echo has an agenda and he may be her prime target. Will Charlie heed Viki's words?

Rex/Roxy/Echo: Rex digs deeper into Echo's past and sneaks into her room to get more information. Rex is shocked to discover a half-heart locket in Echo's things. Rex believes the locket is a connection to Lili and Rick, so he hops a plane to New Mexico to find out Echo's past with them. Meanwhile, Roxy and Echo have a chat. Roxy is impressed to find out that Echo slept with both Clint and Charlie. What will Rex learn in New Mexico about Echo's past?

Destiny/Matthew/Nate: The Evans family, Matthew, Nate and Darren get together for Destiny's birthday. The joyous occasion is short-lived when Nate and Matthew get into it. Things don't get any better for Destiny when Mr. and Mrs. Evans tell her she is not their daughter. Who are Destiny's real parents?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (October 25th):

  • Todd and Tea come face to face.
  • The bomb explodes.
  • Dani is seriously injured from the explosion.
  • Starr and James play right into Hannah's plan.
  • Marty gets arrested.
  • Todd saves John's life.