Should Pam Whip Up a "Special" Batch of Lemon Bars For B&B's Stephanie?

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In this week’s Deep Soap, Sara Bibel weighs in on Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) stage four cancer storyline playing out on The Bold and the Beautiful, calling it “that rarest of daytime storylines: a celebration of female friendship” and applauding its emotional resonance. However, it’s her suggestion “I would like to see: Pam makes Stephanie a batch of her infamous Lemon Bars with Legal-in-California Medical Marijuana” that made me think “I’d love to watch that.”

B&B excels at incorporating the cheesiest of moments into the weightiest of storylines, so why not stir the pot, as it were, and bring one of California’s hottest topics into its storyline? I can just see Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) finding Stephanie after she’s had herself several “enhanced” lemon bars and in the midst of a munchie attack, can't you?