Barbara Walters Rips Levi Johnston: "You Became Famous For Impregnating a 17-Year Old Girl"

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The aftermath from Bill O’Reilly’s visit to The View wasn’t the only hot topic Monday on ABC’s headline grabbing chat fest; so was Levi Johnston’s appearance. Barbara Walters kicked things off with a bang by telling Johnston that in her own mind she’d walked out on him many times and then questioned why he’s running for mayor of Wasilla.

"You became famous for impregnating a 17-year-old girl. You're 20 years old, you don't have a high school diploma yet, you don't have a trade. Now you're running for mayor. Would it not be better for you, instead of seeking publicity, to learn a trade, to find a job, to get an education and to support your son?"

Needless to say Johnston did himself no favors with his responses to the ladies' questions. Jamey has pointed it out many times on the podcast, but Barbara Walters must just cringe at some of the interviews, like this one, she’s forced to do on The View. Watch the clip after the jump!