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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Patrick’s in the changing room when Lisa walks in, wearing only her skivvies; I guess to try and seduce him or remind him of what he’s missing out on. She claims that Robin lied about being drugged, that Lisa came across her in the cabin, and that she never tried to kill her. Patrick doesn’t want to hear it, tells Lisa not to make Robin the crazy one and adds that he knows she’s lying. Lisa tells him that he’s humiliated because his wife is the delusional one and he should look into therapy for her. Brianna Brown is playing this with just the right amount of innocence. If I hadn’t seen her drive Robin crazy for the past couple of months, I would start believing she’s the sane one in all this.

Lucky wakes up and tries to duck out, only to have Siobhan stop him. He says that he has no regrets about sleeping with her, but he’s got to go after Brenda. She tells him she’s coming with him. At Brenda’s old hotel, Lucky pretends to be a photographer looking for Brenda and a maid tells him that Brenda is on her way to America. Lucky plans on going back to Port Charles, with Siobhan, but the Balkan’s men show up, claim that the Balkan is not happy with Ronan’s traveling partner and, in order to confim his loyalty, he expects Ronan to kill Siobhan.

Jason and Sonny discuss Brenda and her connection with the Balkan. Jason wonders why he’s trying to take Brenda and figures she must know something about the Balkan to make him come after her this way. When Jason takes a call, Sonny heads upstairs to Brenda’s room.

Brenda and Dante discuss their secret, how they agreed never to have contact and that no one can find out whatever the secret is, or “what they did”. Talk turns to Sonny, and Brenda, again, defends him, saying he’s a good man who’s made bad choices. Sonny knocks on the door, demanding Brenda speak with him. Dante covers for his presence there by angrily announcing that Brenda called him to discuss the car bomb with him and storms out.

Jason and Spinelli are discussing his results in trying to find the Balkan, when Dante storms down the stairs, ranting about Brenda and Sonny and how she wants to create a reunion between him and his father and then storms out. At first, Jason seems surprised that Dante was upstairs all that time, and doesn’t believe that Brenda would orchestrate a reunion. He believes more and more that Brenda knows who the Balkan is.

Lulu pays Carly a visit and Carly rants about Brenda and Claire and how men are losing their minds over Brenda. Lulu mentions how Spinelli has gotten obsessed over her as well.

Luke shows up, looking for a place to stay. At first, Carly’s not interested in having him as a guest, but changes her mind and allows him to stay, in exchange for a favour to be used later. Lulu and Luke discuss Tracy’s lack of interest in him, and Lucky in Ireland.

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Ethan shows up to let Luke know that Johnny’s men beat him up, looking for Luke, and mentions the connection to the Balkan.

Dante’s home, angrily looking at a magazine photo of Brenda, when Michael comes home. Dante tears a strip off of him for violating his parole. Lulu comes home and is shocked at how angry Dante is. Dante brings up Claudia’s death and Michael storms out. Dante tears a strip off of himself, but Lulu comforts him.

Patrick lets Robin know about his encounter with Lisa and she’s angry that he even talked to her. Patrick assures her that he doesn’t think she’s crazy, but Robin feels that she just might be, before this thing with Lisa is over.

Robin runs into Lisa and tears a strip off of her, for throwing herself at Patrick again. Lisa plays the innocent again, claiming Robin looks tired and that she’s acting out to get to Patrick. When Lisa makes a comment about how much Patrick wanted her before, Robin hauls off and smacks her in the face.

Steve questions Epiphany on her take of who’s crazy and who isn’t. Pif declares that Lisa is perfectly normal and that she has no complaints against her, and when it comes to Robin, people who are hurt tend to act out. Lisa shows up asking for two minutes with Steven.

Ronnie and Mayor Floyd meet. Floyd says he feels that Dante is a crooked cop and wants him off the force and wants Ronnie’s help. Ronnie goes to bat for Dante, but Floyd’s not interested and wants to prove that Dante is corrupt. He knows that Ronnie was the first cop on the scene of Johnny’s shooting and that the gun went missing. Floyd feels that since both of them want Sonny behind bars, that getting rid of Dante is the way to achieve that.

Sonny tries to convince Brenda to try again, that they’ll get it right this time, but she claims they bring out the worst in each other and doesn’t want to give up what she’s worked all these years for. Sonny claims they love each other and doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Brenda’s getting more and more upset when Jason breaks it up and Sonny leaves.

Jason insists that Brenda stop lying to him and tell him what she knows about the Balkan. Brenda says that she hates him and Jason leaves, as Sonny returns, to comfort Brenda. At the same time, Dante’s having a memory of comforting Brenda in a similar way.

Luke calls Jason over to ask for his protection, should someone come after him again the way that Johnny’s men did. Jason assures him that he’s fine, but asks who’s after him, only to be shocked when Luke says it’s the Balkan.