Mighty O No! Nate Berkus Show "Sputtering" in the Ratings

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Not all protégés are created equal it would seem. The New York Postis reporting Oprah’s Midas Touch isn’t quite working on The Nate Berkus Show. The chatfest appears to be fading fast, with ratings falling well behind Nancy Grace’s new show Swift Justice.

"Berkus is likeable, but he pings from decorating to mommy bloggers to saving money to auction tips with the occasional celebrity appearance, making it difficult to discern the show's true identity,"

I can’t say this news surprises me. While Berkus has been one of my favorite Oprah “regulars" over the years, when I tried watching his solo show I found myself wanting to change the channel faster than a teen boy who was caught watching Skinemax by his parents, not that I would know anything about that, of course.