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One Life to Live Recap: Black and Blue

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Clint: I like your mother, but make no mistake. With me, family comes first.

Clint showed up at Ford’s apartment flanked by two thugs, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue, and schooled Ford about the consequences of being a sexual predator. Clint entertained himself (and the viewers) during Ford’s beating by raiding the refrigerator. When Ford questioned the reasons for the smackdown, Clint responded, “Ask my daughter.” With each literal snap of his fingers, Clint’s men delivered more blows. It was genius and Jerry verDorn owned the moment. Clint Buchanan’s descent into villainy hinges exclusively on verDorn’s performance and that’s why, so far, this is a smashing success.

Ford begged Clint not to rescind James’ grant. Clint assured Ford that James was safe and Ford would keep his job, but should Ford say anything or hurt anyone else, Clint would have him fired. Clint’s goons decidedly only injured Ford’s torso so as to mask his bruises and keep him dressed for awhile. Ford eased his pain with carefully placed bags of frozen peas, blaming exercise and tripping to James and Nate respectively. Neither brother questioned the inconsistency.

Jessica asked Brody to join her at the hospital for a paternity test. After deciding that the results won’t impact their future together or the “houseful” of children they plan to have, they met with Vivian to discuss finding out conclusively if the father of Jessica’s baby is Brody or Ford.

Vivian reassured Shaun that Greg’s medical prognosis is positive, but while Shaun and Vivian were being adorable, Eli disguised as a doctor visited Greg’s room and elucidated that all roads lead back to Greg concerning Tea’s forged illness and death. Thus, Greg will lose his medical license, go to prison, and be murdered by Todd one day. To spare Greg that hardship - or more likely to cover his tracks - Eli injected something into Greg’s IV.

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Shaun offered Brody his assistance with the Eli investigation. Little Brody thanked Big Shaun by smacking his shoulder, resulting in a hilarious visual. Shaun went to Greg’s room and saw who he thought was a doctor but was actually Eli. Eli slammed a metal tray into Shaun’s skull and bolted from the hospital.

Shaun informed Brody and Vivian of the situation and Brody called for a lock-down of the hospital and a search of the premises. Clint arrived to pick up Jessica, assuring her Ford won’t be a problem. Vivian medically cleared Shaun, save for a headache, and mused that Greg was lucky Shaun arrived when he did, thoroughly oblivious to the IV toxin.

James questioned Hannah’s possession of his bullet necklace and Hannah explained that Starr dropped it when she was kidnapped by Eli. Hannah expanded the lie to how Hannah retrieved the necklace from the trash after Cole found it and threw it away due to his hatred of James. James remained suspicious, but Hannah allowed James to see just enough of her crazy to be convincing, mentioning that Starr has feelings for James, which will leave Cole available for Hannah.

Starr, meanwhile, proved she has learned absolutely nothing from her multiple kidnappings. When she wasn’t futilely banging on the door, she was keeping Hope entertained despite Hope’s evident placation. It took Starr the entire episode to realize she should write a message on Hope’s new baseball and throw it through the window for someone to find.

Dani broke into another room in the warehouse thinking it held Starr and Hope, but instead found Tea. Dani and Tea shared an emotional reunion. So consumed were they that Tea remained tied up through most of the reconnection. Dani and Tea recounted their respective plights, piecing together the entire story, but Dani realized that if Tea was the other captive, where were Starr and Hope? Dani and Tea attempted to leave, but were thwarted by Eli’s arrival. The looks exchanged between Tea and Eli clearly declared war.

Nate went to Todd’s house to apologize for interfering in the custody situation, which resulted in Dani’s kidnapping. Todd accused Nate of making excuses and called him selfish, but eased Nate’s fears in admitting he would have done the same thing. Todd and Nate were bonding somewhat, when Nate stuck his foot in his mouth, alluding to the possibility that Starr and/or Hope may be dead. Todd ushered a stammering Nate out the door. Todd wondered aloud if he had been nice enough to his daughter’s boyfriend and yelled at Tea’s urn for not helping. I wondered who this man is. Where is the man who fights with dangerously reckless abandon all in the name of self-fulfillment, consequences be damned? Someone who sits idly and whines to himself about his demeanor towards a daughter’s boyfriend is not the real Todd Manning.