The Washington Post on The Talk: "About as Real as Joan Rivers' Face"

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The Washington Post’
sTom Shales wasn’t all that impressed with the debut episode of The Talk on CBS, comparing its authenticity to Joan River’s face and calling it out for not tackling actual hot topics.

Ironic, isn't it, that the area in which "Talk" most clearly departs from "View" is the one that's most worth copying: "The View's" fearless tackling of current controversies and political outrages. "Talk's" talkers -- a slapdash collection of mostly actresses -- on Monday stuck mainly to Botox, divorce and female body parts.

For all that palaver, the premiere seemed about as "real" as Joan Rivers's face. Maybe the panelists will become more "real" and the topics for discussion will be truly heavier as the days and weeks go on. They'd better get heavier, because any lighter and the images will vanish into vapor before they ever make it down the cable and into your house.

Ouch, Joan Rivers should be very insulted!