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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin thinks that Steve will suspend her again, because she slapped Lisa, but it looks like Lisa never told Steven about the slap. Steven suggests that Robin came back to work too soon and maybe needs another leave of absence, but she claims that she’s fine. Once Steve’s gone, Patrick questions whether she should take that leave after all, but Robin assumes he just wants time with Lisa.

Lucky stalls the Balkan’s men long enough for Siobhan to make her escape. Lucky meets up with her back at their hotel room. He compliments Siobhan for her quick thinking, but he thinks he needs to take her back to PC with him, for her safety. She fights him a little on it at first, but he goes out and gets her a passport and papers in an assumed name and then she’s ready to go.

Sonny asks Brenda to tell him what’s bothering her, so he can take care of it, but she won’t tell him. When Sonny leaves, Brenda calls Robin to come over. She asks Robin to talk to Sonny and tell him that she can’t be with him, that they aren’t meant to be together and that Robin made a mistake when she told Sonny that he and Brenda should get together. Robin apologizes for having encouraged them in the first place.

Luke lets Jason know about Lucky’s work in Ireland and his connection to the Balkan. Jason tells him about Brenda’s problems. Jason goes back to Sonny’s to let him know Luke’s involvement in the whole mess. Sonny tells him that he’s realized he’s the one hurting Brenda and asks Jason to promise to look after her.

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Dante and Lulu discuss his issue with Michael and how he’s having problems with the car bomb case. Lulu wonders why he can’t excuse himself, but Dante says someone higher up insists he stay on the case. Ronnie arrives, so Lulu leaves. Ronnie warns Dante that the mayor is after him and wants him out of the picture, no matter how it happens.

Lulu goes to see Luke. They discuss his attempts to get back together with Tracy and what happened with Lucky in Ireland. Luke reprimands Lulu for going over there and possibly getting into trouble. Luke asks Lulu to let him know if Lucky calls in the next few days, otherwise, he’ll have to go back after him.

Spinelli runs into Michael at Kelly’s. Michael tells him about getting caught by Claire and how she’s pissed off at Sonny for dumping her. Spin offers to hack into all of Claire’s accounts and make life miserable for her but Michael says not to. Brenda comes up and Spinelli feels she’s more troubled and is not sure what to do to help her.

Lisa tells Steven that she’s happy to be back at work. He tells her if she ever feels overwhelmed to come to him. Patrick questions Steven believing her lies. He says Lisa’s as dangerous as ever and he refuses to work with her. Steven tells him that if need be he’ll force him to work with Lisa.

Patrick goes to the Metrocourt where he’s been staying. Lisa follows him and asks for a room on his floor. Sam gets to the penthouse and tells Brenda she has plans with Jason. Brenda offers to make herself scarce. Jason arrives and apologizes to Brenda for yelling at her. She apologizes back and heads upstairs. Sam says she’s proud that Jason is taking care of Brenda and Jason says he’s happy she’s with him.

Lulu comes home and asks what Ronnie wanted, but Dante doesn’t tell her truth. Later on, while Lulu’s sleeping, Dante has another memory of his time with Brenda. Brenda’s sitting alone in her room, having the same memory.

Robin goes to Sonny and tells him Brenda is upset and she feels badly that both of them are hurting because she stuck her nose into things. Sonny says he thinks they can make it work, that he can make Brenda happy, but she tells him to leave Brenda alone.