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One Life to Live and The View Spank The Talk's Boo-tay!

This makes me smile. ABC Daytime has released Nielsen research on the premiere of The Talk against One Life to Live's 2 pm airing and guess what, more people were talkin' about Viki, Dorian, Echo and Crazy Eli than Julie Chen and Co.!


Against the highly-promoted debut of CBS’ “The Talk,” in head-to-head competition at 2 o’clock, ABC’s daytime drama “One Life to Live ” defeated “The Talk” by a solid 13% in Total Viewers (2.5 million vs. 2.2 million) and 19% among Women 18-49 (690,000 vs. 581,000).

The story gets even better when you compare The Talk's asinine discussions about what to call your genitals to ABC's guilty pleasure The View

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ABC’s “The View” defeated “The Talk” by impressive margins across the board, including by 1.6 million in Total Viewers, or 73% (3.8 million vs. 2.2 million), and by 25% among Women 18-49 (729,000 vs. 581,000).

Hell to the yes! I'm sorry, but while I make fun of and/or am enraged by The View just about every day, I still HAVE to watch it. I could barely get through the forced, goofy "mom-versations" on The Talk. I mean, hello, haven't women fought for generations to be seen as whole individuals, with more to "talk" about than someone's poopy diaper?

Also, The View salutes the rest of ABC's daytime lineup. Sure Whoopi looks like she's having a root canal whenever a soaper is on the couch (save for Thorsten Kaye), but Brian Frons still makes sure his talk show tentpole promotes his soaps. Did I just compliment Fronsie? You know what? I did! He hasn't cancelled two soaps in two years, so there!

 If The Talk wanted to lure soap fans, wouldn't it have been smart to have The Young and the Restless studs Michael Muhney and Daniel Goddard on for the ladies to drool over? They could have dished Y&R's actually decent tornado storyline. Epic fail, Barbara Bloom, epic fail. Team Fronsie!