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One Life to Live Recap: The Ties That Bind


Dorian: Viki, I promise you something: if Echo makes one move to stir up trouble for you, she’s going to have to answer to me first.

Viki showed up at La Boulaie to offer Dorian support. Dorian asked about a bandage on Viki’s temple and Viki revealed that she had some skin cancer removed. Dorian shut down Viki’s attempts at concern or pity, diverting the conversation to Echo’s return. Dorian assured Viki that Echo was most certainly not a friend. Dorian worried that Echo would make trouble for Viki and Charlie, but Viki pledged that her marriage was solid.

Viki tried to comfort Dorian, attempting to convince her that she could lean on Viki, seeing as Dorian was alone. Dorian didn’t take kindly to Viki pointing out the obvious and ushered Viki out the door, thanking her nonetheless. Tell me something: why was Dorian’s worry paramount over Viki’s, considering that Viki is related to all three missing girls while Dorian is only related to two? I understand Dorian is alone while Viki is not, but why did Viki’s emotional connection seem to be lacking?

Charlie worried for Brody’s safety on the job. Charlie and Brody discussed Jared’s untimely death, both men wishing they still had Jared to lean on. Brody confided in Charlie about Ford. Charlie asserted that Ford was in the wrong, but asked Brody if he would be able to handle the baby biologically belonging to Ford. Brody maintained that he “can’t let Ford be that important.”

Echo moved into a room at the Angel Square Hotel, but when Roxy asked Echo for a deposit, Echo manipulated Roxy with the promise of promotional photos for Foxy Roxy’s. Roxy initially misinterpreted Echo’s designs saying, “I’m not bilingual,” but Echo assured Roxy that her intentions were purely professional.

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Roxy filled in Echo on Viki and Charlie’s recent history. Echo was surprised to learn that Charlie had had a grown son. Roxy and Echo called themselves friends. Once alone, Echo unearthed an old jewelry box which clearly held sentimental value. She stashed it in her bottom drawer before traversing over to Llanfair to discuss something important with Charlie.

At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Rex met Gigi who was there working on her drawing for Cristian’s class. Cristian arrived and asked to see Gigi’s work, wanting to finish all his work before Layla’s visit. Clint appeared and Rex left Gigi and Cristian to attend to “a lead.”

Clint and Rex discussed Clint’s manipulation of Gigi’s college tuition and Echo’s return. Rex called out Clint for cheating on Viki with Echo, to which Clint responded, “I got two words for you: Stacy Morasco.” Touché. Rex revealed that Echo had returned years ago, less than a year after Clint’s trial and wondered if Clint knew. Clint said he had eyes on Echo, but that she was low on his list of priorities. Before leaving, Clint laughed at Rex’s P.I. skills but wished him luck.

Roxy arrived and told Rex about her new friend, Echo. Rex asked Roxy if Echo was still at the hotel and Roxy revealed that Echo had stepped out. At the hotel, Rex used a key to enter Echo’s vacant room. Rex searched various drawers, finally stumbling upon Echo’s jewelry box. Rex opened the box to discover the other half of “his mother’s” heart-shaped pendant.

Cristian questioned why Gigi’s artwork was all about Rex. Gigi revealed that Rex’s search for his parents in New Mexico and discovery of the pendant is what brought Rex and Gigi back together. Gigi felt her personal identity and her family with Rex were mutually exclusive. Cristian received a message from Layla in which she canceled her visit due to work. Gigi encouraged Cristian to go to Paris to reconnect with Layla and told him that she could distribute his assignments while he was gone.

James suspected that Hannah was involved in Starr and Hope’s disappearance in some way. Ford called Hannah crazy and revealed his guilt for hurting her, but he didn’t think her capable of kidnapping. James remained unconvinced, but feared Hannah’s response if he questioned her. He asked Ford to instead. Ford was leery, but agreed. Ford failed James once when he left James with their father, but that he wouldn’t fail James again.

Hannah dashed Starr’s hope for rescue when she entered the attic holding the baseball. Hannah wrenched Hope from Starr, contemplating sending Hope home because babies were too much work, but Starr convinced Hannah that she wouldn’t be able to explain how she acquired Hope. Using Hannah’s disdain for children to her advantage, Starr persuaded Hannah to leave Hope. Once alone, Starr expressed her faith in James to rescue them based on Hannah’s revelation that James seemed suspicious of Starr’s disappearance. Back at Marty’s house, Hannah received a surprise visitor: Ford.