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The Bold and the Beautiful's Hunter Tylor Reportedly Loses Lawsuit; Slammed with $885,000 Judgement!

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The Bold and The Beautiful star

Hunter Tylo

was reportedly ordered by a Las Vegas judge to pay $885,000 to a psychotherapist who Tylo filed suit against, according to

On Point


According to the report, licensed clinical social worker

Shanna Downing

was hired to treat Tylo's children while she was in the process of divorcing former

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Michael Tylo

. Downing claims Tylo slapped a suit against her after she refused to testify for the actress in her divorce proceedings.

According to the ruling by Clark County District Court Judge Timothy C. Williams:

[Tylo] can produce no evidence that Downing was negligent in any respect in her care and treatment of any member of the Tylo family.

Williams also claims Tylo allegedly "attempted to suborn perjury from Downing" during her divorce case. Downing was reportedly awarded $700,000 in damages, $158,104 in legal fees, and $26,879 in special damages.

In 2006, Tylo sued Downing claiming the therapist violated her professional ethics when she treated the Tylo family. Two years later, the actress filed a wrongful death suit against Downing who treated her son Michael before he died in 2007.