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The Curious Case of Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless


Sound the alarm and blow the trumpets. After years of begging and pleading with the regime over at The Young and the Restless to bring back Jack Abbott's (Peter Bergman) sons, one of them finally appears—sort of.

Most Y&R fans know the story of how old Smilin' Jack's youngest son came to life. Diane Jenkins (then Alex Donnelley) decided she wanted to have a child by her ex, The Great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), by hook or crook, even if it meant doing so without his knowledge or consent!

When Diane got her hands on a notice from the sperm bank where Victor had made a deposit, she pretended to still be Victor's wife. Victor and Diane had divorced so he could remarry his "dying" love Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Joke was on her, because my Nikki Newman survived! After Vic’s divorce from Diane was declared illegal, they had to get divorced again and she ended up living in his old penthouse, with access to his mail, since the billionaire mogul didn’t have the good sense to do a Change of Address.

When Nikki got wind of Diane's stunt, she stole the sperm back from Diane and had it sent back to the lab (switched with Jack's), but not before Victor's other ex, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) could swipe some for herself. The Great Sperm Caper was born!

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Fans were left wondering who actually ended up with Victor's "essence" (Ewww!) or even if Ashley herself had an Abbott in the oven! (Double Ewww!) In the end Diane wound up with Jack's son Kyle, creating a permanent tie to The Abbott heir, while Ashley bore Victor's biological daughter Abby (currently played by 30-something Marcy Rylan).

Since Diane (now played by 30-something Maura West) returned, Y&R has all but beat fans over the head in reminding us of how Kyle was conceived, all the while neglecting to explain why Abby—who was conceived at the very same time as her cousin—is now decades older than him. What gives?

I know West isn't in the age range to have an adult son, but then neither is Sharon Case (Sharon) and we've seen Noah go from adorable tyke-to-angsty teen-to-young adult in just a few short years. Besides, wasn’t West’s As The World Turns character the mother of a grown son, who had been married and divorced already before he left his teens? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if Kyle was older.

De-SORASing the long-anticipated character of Kyle Abbott is a huge no-no and gigantic re-write of history. Good, bad or sticky, Y&R fans will always remember that two babies came from Kay Alden's wacky, sperm caper. My vote is Y&R needs to age Kyle appropriately before fans decide to flush this story (if not Jack and Victor's swimmers) down the drain.