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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin and Steven are discussing a patient when Lisa interrupts with her own advice. Robin tells her to mind her own business and Lisa plays the hurt victim before walking away. Steven reprimands Robin for snarking out Lisa and tells her to behave. Epiphany tells Robin that if she continues to snark out Lisa, she’ll be the one people think is crazy.

Tracy meets Luke at the Star and they discuss the whole non-marriage. Luke admits it was a con to get her money but that he fell in love along the way. Tracy claims that he was only in love with her money, which Luke denies. She thinks he came back to steal more, which he also denies. She admits that she loves him, but in order to take him back, she wants him to repay the 10 million he stole.

Claire runs into Carly at the Metrocourt and Carly tells her that Brenda is after Jax, so Sonny is free for Claire to pursue. Claire apologizes again for going after Michael, but doesn’t need Sonny handed to her.

Dante wakes up from a nightmare, waking up Michael in the process. Michael commiserates that he knows what nightmares are all about. Dante brings up the car bomb and how all fingers are pointing at Sonny nearly killing Kristina and Michael rants on about people who do things they regret and how long are they supposed to keep paying. I wonder how Kristina would feel if she found out that her brother thought her brush with death should be forgotten so quickly.

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At Crimson, Maxie wonders why Lulu spent the night at the apartment, and Lulu admits that Michael was there. Maxie says she’s worried about Spinelli and his crush on Brenda. Maxie’s computer isn’t working and Lulu calls Spin in to fix it. Kate arrives and finds out that Brenda is in town and her assistants didn’t tell her or try to get her for the cover. Spinelli defends Maxie and says Brenda is under security and isn’t interested in doing the cover. Maxie thanks Spinelli for coming to her defense and he admits that he still thinks highly of her.

Ethan arrives at the Star as Tracy is leaving, and she warns him that if he helps Luke pull another con on her that she’ll kick him out in the street. Luke asks Ethan to help him get Tracy back, to help him prove to her that he loves her despite the money issue. Ethan claims that he has his own issues, trying to get Maya to fall for him, and suggests a plan that will help them both out.

Maya shows up and hears the Spencer men out. The plan is for Luke to pretend his heart is giving out. Luke moves into the mansion, taken care of by Maya. After a deathbed wedding to Tracy, he has a remarkable recovery and Ethan gets to spend time with Maya. Maya’s concerned that Tracy’s too smart and will know it’s a scam, but the boys think it's fool-proof.

In a storyline that I thought was dead and buried, but unfortunately isn’t, Steve meets with Liz to tell her that drug they invested in didn’t work out, and all the investment is gone. Liz heads over to Windemere to let Nikolas know, but Nik’s busy getting ready for a dinner with Brooklyn. Brook tears a strip off of Liz, saying that she’s messing with Nikolas. At first, Liz refuse to take the bait and is leaving, but after Brook keeps taunting her about trashing her relationship, Liz comments that Brook is essentially a gold-digger who’s working Nikolas.

Jax discusses some plans for the hotel with Olivia. Carly asks Jax about Claire and he promises to talk to her about Michael. Carly says she knows Jax met with Brenda and wonders, if Brenda showed up and declared her love for Jax, would he turn her away? Jax assures Carly that if Brenda asked for his help, he would give it to her as her friend and nothing more. Olivia returns with the approval to build Brenda an apartment at the Metrocourt.

Claire meets with Dante and asks him to do a full background check on Brenda and to leave nothing out. Dante admits to her that he was security for Brenda, three years ago, and that will come out in the investigation. He questions why Claire wants the info, but she’s not telling.

Steven tells Patrick that he’s worried about Robin and her job performance. Patrick assures him again that Robin is not the crazy one, but Steve worries about how volatile Robin has been getting. Robin meets with a patient who tells her she’s started some new medication, which confuses Robin until she notices something on the chart. Robin confronts Lisa about sabotaging her patient’s care to get back at her.