One Life to Live Recap: Family Ties

Viki: Echoes have a way of repeating themselves.


Viki stopped by the diner and bumped into Gigi. Viki complimented Gigi’s artwork, showing pride in Gigi’s talent and the strength she exhibited in going back to school. Gigi confided that school kept her busy, but never too busy for Viki and that she was available if Viki needed anything.

Markko arrived at the diner and told Cristian he’d be staying to support Cole and Cristian questioned whether or not Langston was a factor. Markko vowed there were too many issues between he and Langston. Markko also claimed that long-distance relationships never work, addressing various horrors until Gigi stopped him. Gigi informed Markko of Cristian and Layla’s arrangement. Markko felt terrible, and later assured Cristian that Cristian and Layla were nothing like Markko and Langston.

Echo empathized with Charlie over Jared’s death. She got emotional but just as she was about to reveal everything, Viki arrived home and threw out Echo. Charlie accused Viki of being paranoid, but Viki explained that Echo was manipulating Charlie and told him about Echo’s long-ago Llanview speeding ticket. Charlie believed that proved nothing and Viki was looking for answers where no questions existed. Viki maintained her distrust while Charlie assured Viki that he was not Clint and he would never sleep with Echo again. Charlie subtly suggested lovemaking as a distraction.

Rex wondered why Echo possessed the other half of the pendant. Could she be his father? Rex questioned if it was the same pendant and took a picture. As Rex was putting everything away, Echo returned and wondered why Rex was in her room. Rex used towel service as a cover when Echo told him he was in the wrong room. Rex apologized and Echo remembered their first meeting. Rex told her that he was Roxy’s son and Echo indicated the lack of resemblance. Rex revealed that he was adopted, intriguing Echo but not enough to stop her from closing the door in his face. Echo extracted her jewelry box, put on the necklace, and cried.

Rex returned to Gigi and filled her in on his discovery. Rex and Gigi wondered if Echo received the pendant from his father as a gift or if she stole it. Rex decided the only way he would get answers was if he returned to New Mexico.

Cole apologized to James for attacking him earlier, saying that only Eli Clarke was to blame for Starr and Hope’s disappearance. Cole absolved James and Nate of any blame and when James asked about Hannah, Cole asserted that she was a different person. Cole suggested they work together seeing as they both care about Starr, but then Cole spotted the bullet necklace. James realized the stories - Hannah saying Cole found it at home and Cole saying Natalie found it at Todd’s house - didn’t match. James covered and Cole gave him back the necklace. Before Cole left, James assured Cole that Starr and Hope were still alive.

Starr promised Hope ice cream and rescue. Starr and Hope fell asleep and Starr dreamt of Hannah comforting Cole following Starr’s death. The dream continued with Cole hearing Starr’s voice but Hannah convincing him that Starr hadn’t loved Cole like Hannah loves Cole. Hannah and Cole kissed as Starr appeared, screaming at an oblivious Cole to find her. James showed up and told Starr he would find her. Cole and James began to fight over Starr which caused Starr to wake up suddenly. Hope awoke and Starr calmed her with a lullaby.

Hannah lied to Ford about the baseball when questioned. Langston, who was inexplicably still at Marty’s, wondered why Ford was there. Ford asked Hannah if she would give him another chance, shocking Langston. Ford claimed that his life fell apart after he got together with Langston and he realized how good things were with Hannah. Hannah took a call from Marty and Ford asked Langston to trust him, claiming that everything he said was a ruse. Ford instructed Langston to leave and ask James for the truth.

Ford tried to convince Hannah that his feelings were legitimate, but Hannah told him it would never work. Ford likened his relationship with Langston to Hannah’s with Cole, commiserating over being unable to compete with first loves. Ford nearly duped Hannah, but Cole arrived. Ford left and Hannah told Cole why Ford had been there, but she was no longer interested. Hannah assured Cole that “everything’s gonna work out exactly as it’s supposed to.”

Langston went to James for an explanation. Langston and James compared “weird Hannah moments” and decided that Cole should remain unaware. Cole’s reaction to a betrayal could risk Starr’s life. Ford returned and told James and Langston that he absolutely believes that Hannah is involved in Starr & Hope’s disappearance.