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The View's Joy Behar Blames Tea Party For Keeping Bristol Palin on Dancing With D-Listers

You gotta love how the ladies of The View go from Point A to Point Q without stopping for gas and/or reason. Whoopi Goldberg was fired up on Wednesday's show because Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson was booted off Dancing With The Stars, while Bristol "Monkey Suit" Palin made it through to the next episode (So was I, Whoop, so was I!).


Sherri Shepherd wondered if people, who may have thought it was nasty for Henderson to make out with her former TV son Barry Williams (ex-Greg Brady) during a segment, decided not to vote for her. Elizabeth Hasselbeck pointed to Palin's fanbase. Joy Behar basically co-signed Hasselbeck's theory, adding it was Tea Party members voting for Palin's rhythmless nation moves.

I don't no what to be more perplexed about, the thought of Palin having more fans than one of TV's favorite moms, or Joy and Elisabeth believing people will vote for political elections with the same forethought they do a televised dancing competition. Jesus take the Ballot Box. Watch a clip from the episode—which also featured guest host Patricia Heaton— after the jump!

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